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How will our rookies be used this season?

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  • How will our rookies be used this season?

    Here is my breakdown of our rookie class and how they will be used for this upcoming season.

    1.Michael Oher- I think he will be the starter at RT this season. With Willie Anderson retirement and Adam Terry being lack luster at RT I think it is Oher job to lose. He has the right attitude to do well as a rookie. I think he will take his lumps just being a rookie in general and switching to RT.

    2.Paul Kruger- I don't see him as a starter but I think we will keep a d-line rotation so he will get his fair share of playing time. I think he will do well in his role. I predict about 2 sacks for him this season but I think he will be able to get plenty of pressure when he plays.

    3.LarDarius Webb- I think he will be our #5 CB, the veterans in the secondary(Rolle,Washington,Foxworth,Carr,Reed) will help develop him. I think with our defense he won't get a lot of playing time in the secondary but he will get a opportunities to be a return man for us.

    4.Jason Phillips- I think he will play special teams for us this year. He will compete for the starting job w/ Gooden and MacLain. I think he won't beat out Gooden. He may very well be Ray Lewis replacement in a few years but for this season I expect him to play special teams and if a MLB unfourtanetly goes down he will come and replace them.

    5.Davon Drew- I didn't understand this pick at all. We have Heap,Smith,Quinn,Jones at TE. I don't see him getting a lot of playing time this year. He is also a extremly raw. People see him as a H-back at the next level. He has nice size, athletic ability, work ethic and hands. I think in a few years he can make a impact.

    6.Cedric Peerman-With McClain being moved to FB full time I see Peerman being kept around. He has the mental make up perfect for the Ravens. I can see him getting a fair amount of playing time w/ the way we rotate our running backs/

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    Michael Oher - Starter at RT, he might be used alot on the unbalanced liens as well.

    Paul Kruger - Like you said, he'll be part of a rotation. I think he will improve the pass rush all together because the moer rushers they have, the fresher they are throughout the game. I see around 2-4 sacks, but like you said, a lot of QB hurries.

    LarDarius Webb - He will be behind, Foxworth, Washington, Rolle, and Carr, but I think he will still see alot of playing time. He will also be used at safety at times, behind Nakamura and Zbi of course. I think he'll do well in the return game as well.

    Jason Phillips - This guy should be a special teams psycho. I doubt he'll get a lot of playing on D, but he'll shine on special teams.

    Davon Drew - I hated this pick and still do. I can't see how he will fit in anywhere. We've got the recieving TE's in Heap and Smith and the blocker in Sypnewski.

    Cedric Peerman - I love this guys speed and chracter. I think he'll be the Ahmad Bradshaw of our offense. The guy who comes in late after Ray Rice and McGahee have worn down defense and breaks a long one. I think he'll also be used in the return game as well.



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