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Chris Chambers on waivers

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  • Chris Chambers on waivers

    should we pick him up? cut someone like Tyree for him?

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    We really don't need him. He doesn't bring much to the table anymore and his hands are still stoney. At this point, D-Will > Chambers IMO and at least Tyree is a pretty good ST.


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      Well I can't possibly see how D-will is better than Chambers given he's never done anything in his career and Chambers was once good, but still he brings nothing to give him serious pt in the 3 man rotation.

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        D-Will isn't good. He can't beat out Clayton or journeyman Kelley Washington. But seeing how Cameron traded away Chambers when he was HC in Miami, I doubt he gets a look.


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          The point I was trying to make is that Chambers isn't good and wouldn't bring anything to this team. I guess I shouldn't have said that Williams is better, but maybe just better for this team (less money to sit on the bench).


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            I doubt we'll see him as a Raven, but he does fit into that group that Ozzie was looking for, guys who were "supposed" to have solid careers but fell off, guys like D.J. Hackett, Kelley Washington, and Drew Bennett. So, it's not entirely unlikely he won't be a Raven, I just doubt it.


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              Chief got him now. I didnt really think that he fit in with the team that much.

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