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Future of the Ravens?

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  • Future of the Ravens?

    My prediction for the rest of the season goes as followed..

    Pitt- WIN (28-21)
    @ GB- LOSE (31-34)
    Det- WIN (31-16)
    Chi- WIN (20-17)
    @ Pitt- LOSE (21-27)
    @ Oak- WIN (38-17)

    I think they'll manage to win 4 out of the last 6 games, we'd make it to 9-7, with a possible wild card chance. However, playoffs are starting to looking grim. Baltimore's secondary can't match up with passing offenses, but as a fan I am hopeful we can turn things around. Who knows, maybe the Ravens can go 11-5 with a complete turn around.

    After this season it's going to be important how we handle free agency. Ray Lewis isn't even thinking retirement. We got some big free agents, like.
    - LeRon McClain:
    - Derrick Mason:
    - Mark Clayton:
    - LJ Smith
    - Jared Gaither:
    - Justin Bannan
    - Dawan Landry
    not to mention a couple of players are getting old, and worn down, like.
    - Trevor Pryce
    - Kelly Gregg
    - Matt Birk
    An experienced, proven, man to man, Cornerback is Baltimore's #1 free agency need..
    - Cedric Griffin, Minnesota.
    - Terrence Newman, Cowboys.
    - Corey Webster, Giants.
    - Marlon Jackson, Colts.

    I'd also like a star rookie receiver, like.
    - #1 Arrelious Benn
    - #2 Eric Decker
    - #3 Damian Williams
    - #4 Dez Bryant

    Go Celtics
    Go Irish
    Go Ravens

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    I see us beating Pittsburgh next week. We'll be at home and Pittsburgh won't have Polumalu and maybe even Big Ben. This is definitely our best chance to beat em.

    I think we'll beat Green Bay, Oakland, Detroit and Chicago, with Green Bay being the toughest (they'll also be fighting for the playoffs) And we lose to Pittsburgh at there house.

    That brings us to a 10-6 record but Jacksonville, Miami, and Houston are all ahead of us. So if we lose 2 games in this 6 week period, then we can kiss the playoffs goodbye.


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      as for the off season, I think we have to pickup another corner. I'd love Newman or Webster but I doubt there teams will let em go. I'd rather us go WR in the draft cause this year's class is loaded with guys like Benn, Bryant, LaFell(my favorite) Damien Williams etc. Whereas corner isn't as deep.

      It's so hard to watch our offense fail at throwing fades and going deep to 5-11 WR's. We need a big play WR badly, maybe even a trade for Dwayne Bowe ?

      1 thing I can assure, is the our WR corp will look totally different come next year. Can't wait.


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        brandon marshall?

        Go Celtics
        Go Irish
        Go Ravens


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          I think we lose the next 2 before winning 2 straight then drop the last 2 also. LJ Smith, Derrick Mason, and Mark Clayton hit the road! Le'Ron, and Gaither will probably be back since they are RFAs I believe. Landry and Bannan are both welcome back if they come back on the cheap.
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