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    We all know Baltimore need's some new receivers this offseason..
    If I was in charge, I'd definitely make a move for Antonio Bryant.
    Ravens really need a receiver to take some attention away from our dominate running game, and the only receiver that can make plays, Derrick Mason. Especially since Mason has very little left in his tank, a playmaking receiver is a must if Baltimore wants to win next years Superbowl. Bryant is only 28, he's relatively cheap, and is the playmaker that Flacco would love to have. He's got terrific hands, and would be a major upgrade to our passing attack. BRING ANTONIO BRYANT TO BALTIMORE RIGHT NOW!!

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    I don't see Bryant being a #1 WR here I could see him as a great #2 but not as a #1


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      I'd take him as a replacement to Mason, not to pair with Mason. I'd much rather have Malcolm Floyd.


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        Bryant isn't a bad option for the Ravens.. I do think he can be a #1, I mean he was in Tampa.
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          Malcolm Floyd would be nice, but he's also going to be a RFA. I don't see us going after him, especially if they put a 3rd round tender on him. Would he be worth it? Probably. Would Ozzie want to give up one of his precious high draft picks? Probably not.

          As for Bryant - I would like the Ravens to go after him. Not a long term deal, but a 2-3 year one. We need any kind of production we can get out of the position, and I think that Bryant could do that here.


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            Derrick Mason
            Antonio Bryant
            Golden Tate

            that'd be amazingly awesome
            GO RAVENS


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              If Ozzie and Harbaugh would look past his character problems, he could fit in well. But I don't see that happening.


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                He actually isnt that bad of an option. He would be relatively cheap and he would be a guy who could at least maybe be a #1 here.

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                  At this point in his career I don't think his character issues are much of a problem.

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                    Since you guys are a top 8 finisher this year can you even bring in new unrestricted free agents?

                    Btw Bryant is a stud, it's too bad he got hurt this year.


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                      I'd be cool with Bryant, but I'd rather have Malcolm Floyd.


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                        I'd be cool with Bryant as long as his 1st name is Dez.


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                          there's about a 2% chance Dez Bryant falls to #25, Yeah it'd be awesome because he's insanely talented, but it will never happen...:(
                          GO RAVENS


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                            Keep in mind that the number of WR's drafted in the 1st round have had an extremely high bust rate in the last 6-8 drafts. In 2008 there wasn't a WR drafted till rd 2. There is always a prospect or 2 that falls considerably in Rd #1 and all it takes is one bad workout to throw doubt in the minds of the FO. Look at Michael Oher, they said he was a bit slower and out of shape and this came direct from

                            "Only has three years experience at left tackle and is still learning the game. A better pass protector than power run blocker, as he does not consistently get great push off the edge. Needs more consistency in using his punch, which can be devastating against rush ends. Can be beaten in pass protection by quicker hands. Loses balance at times when lunging in pass pro. A bit tentative in the open field at times. Gets a bit lazy moving his feet when the play is run away from him and could stand to gain more stamina. Does not always adjust to outside blitzes, but handles inside pressure just fine. Has a very quiet, passive demeanor that some may characterize as lacking passion. Some concerns about how he'll acclimate to a new environment if he's drafted by a team geographically distant from his adopted family."

                            hmmm wasn't Oher in the running for ROY most of the season as an Offensive Lineman?

                            I don't think a player that missed most of the year because of a NCAA screw up is locked up tight in the TOP 15.



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