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    Originally posted by Ravens1991 View Post
    can we not re-sign a couple of no names and re-sign big names? or is it something like we have to let go a FA of a certain salary to sign a FA of a high salary.
    I'd be full of bull if I claimed I know that mess 100% . . . but . . . it does sound like it's a 1:1 deal. Even if it's not you'd have to wait for those 'no names' to sign elsewhere first. So chances are you're already through a few days of FA and behind the 8-ball with Peppers. Though I have not seen any mention at all regarding the final 8 teams' ability to negotiate while waiting to see where their respective departed FAs sign. Which bring up an interesting question now.

    Originally posted by coordinator0 View Post
    Teams who made the final 8 have the ability to sign one player with a starting salary over something around 5 or 6 and a half million without any restrictions.
    Which will do no good when attempting to sign Peppers who made a mill per game this year under the franchise tag. Again - I don't know all the fine print of the final 8, so maybe there's some way to massage the numbers in the signing bonus, but Peppers will likely be starting in the 8 million per year neighborhood. It's a pretty pimp 'hood.

    Mostly it seems like the final 8 clause is in place to prevent exactly this situation. Peppers will likely be too expensive to fit into that 5 million per year cap and it will be tough to play catch up once your team loses FAs because they have to sign before you can determine how much you can pay out to someone else.

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      I think you misunderstood me - the player has to have AT LEAST a 5 or 6 and half million per year starting salary, not at the 5 or 6 million dollar range. I fully expect Peppers to get something far exceeding that number.


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        You're absolutely right, it seems.

        I just went back and read Falloutboy's rough translation - linked here (about halfway down the page with my settings ;))

        I had it confused thinking it was one player with and annual salary cap ~5M and then any number of ~3.75M players.

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          I think Mike Preston has a great idea here -

          trade for Floyd. Re-sign Mason. Draft Jermaine Gresham. That gives Flacco a big WR on the outside and a very good TE to work the middle of defenses.


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            i like that, but can floyd be a legit #1?


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              Originally posted by Ravens1991 View Post
              i like that, but can floyd be a legit #1?
              you're right. Malcom Floyd isn't a true #1 target like Marshall or Jackson. He's more of a complimentary WR, he is just what Joe Flacco needs on the outside. Someone who can go up and do this If that was Clayton or Mason, that ball is either incomplete, intercepted or overthrown.

              Pair him with Mason opposite of him, and throw in Todd Heap working the middle, and possibly Demetrius Williams in the slot. Throw in a high draft pick, I'm hoping Jermaine Gresham maybe? That's not a bad arsenal for Flacco, oh and don't forget the Pro Bowler in the backfield, Ray Rice :) Plus, the o-line will have only gotten better, I love where our offense is headed, regardless of if they pickup Floyd.

              Here's a realistic prediction for our depth chart next year -

              LT - Jared Gaither - Oniel Cousins
              LG - Ben Grubbs
              C - Matt Birk
              RG - Marshall Yanda/Chris Chester
              RT - Michael Oher - Oniel Cousins
              TE - Todd Heap - Jermaine Gresham(R)
              WR - Malcom Floyd - Demetrius Williams - Kelley Washington
              WR - Derrick Mason - Mike Williams(R) - Kelley Washington
              FB - Le'Ron McClain
              RB - Ray Rice - Willis McGahee
              QB - Joe Flacco

              4-3 - I don't believe we'll be a full time 4-3 defense, but we will probably see a lot of 4-3 looks.

              DE - Terrell Suggs - Antwan Barnes - Paul Kruger
              DT - Haloti Ngata
              DT - Kelley Gregg
              DE - Dwan Edwards - Trevor Pryce - Paul Kruger
              WLB - Jarret Johnson - Jameel McClain
              MLB - Ray Lewis - Tavares Gooden
              SLB - Dannell Ellerbe - Paul Kruger?
              CB - Lardarius Webb
              CB - Dominque Foxworth
              CB - Chris Carr
              CB - Myron Lewis(R)
              FS - Ed Reed - Haruki Nakamura
              SS - Dawan Landry - Tom Zbikowski

              Draft -
              Round 1 - Jermaine Gresham TE - Oklahoma - I think he will be another one of those very talented players that slip to the late 1st and look for Ozzie to take advantage just like he did last year w/ Michael Oher. If he was never injured, he is a Top 10 pick.

              Round 2 - Mike Williams WR - Syracuse - I think this is a typical Ozzie Newsome pick. A player who had character problems early in their life, and now turning there lives around. (i.e Lardarius Webb) Williams oozes potential and has the talent to be a stud in the league.

              Round 3 - Myron Lewis CB - Vanderbilt - I don't know much about Lewis, but he has great size and he is just what we need in our secondary. He was very productive at Vandy and he even has potential at safety. much like Sean Smith of last year?
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                Is there any proof Mike Williams is even turning his life around?? I know he quit the team at syracuse. He could be a 1st rounder w/ his head out of his ass.


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                  Gresham Good pick if he's still on the board at 25, but I doubt he will be. When healthy, Gresham is a beast of a tightend. He's great after the catch, and teams will love his potential.. He'll probably go anywhere from (10-20) in the 1st round. However, I don't consider TE a 1st round need for Baltimore. WR, DE, and CB are the main weak spots on the team.

                  Williams Bust. I just don't see his game translating very well to the NFL. And with his character issues teams won't look at him until at least round 4. Bad pick IMO.

                  Lewis I like Myron Lewis. He was great in college, he's just as big as most receivers, and would even switch to FS once Reed retires. It'll be interesting to see what he runs the 40 in. (It's been said to be a 4.5-4.6) That being said, I think round 3 is a little early for a player like him.

                  +my top 3 Ravens picks, so far.
                  1st round- WR Golden Tate
                  2nd round- CB Kyle Wilson
                  3rd round- DE Alex Carrington
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                    Will Dwan Edwards be around next Season?

                    I Don't think so!
                    He could be too much expensive

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                      Originally posted by banetzdererste View Post
                      Will Dwan Edwards be around next Season?

                      I Don't think so!
                      He could be too much expensive
                      I think he'll be back as a Raven next year. Isn't he an RFA? He was a big part of the d-line last year and I thought he did a solid job.


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                        Edwards turned 180 degrees last year in performance he will be back count on it. But if someone like the Jets wanted to pick him up and give us a draft pick next year I would be ok with it.


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                          I'm pretty sure that Edwards isn't an RFA. The Ravens site also lists him as an UFA, plus he was a UFA last year as well. I think he will be back, along with Pryce.



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