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  • Thanks for the kind words vidae. Were happy to have you on board.



    • Other then one play by Tyson Jackson that was absolutely pathetic and he should have been ejected for, solid game all around. Chiefs made some mistakes today, but thats a good young team headed in the right direction. I hope we absolutely stomp the Steelers next week.
      Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
      The APS is strong in this one.
      Originally posted by killxswitch
      Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


      • Sucks for both teams. Regardless who wins next week, they will probably be limping into Foxborough. I wish this battle were the AFCCG, that way the winner atleast gets to heal up some before the big show.

        Silverback....still the best.

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        • I love how Jackson decided to be dirty with Heap who never does ish doesn't even celebrate TD's. If you want to be dirty do it to McClain or Oher who are consantly involved in scrums, picking on him is classless.

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          • ya there was a big article on heap in teh baltimore sun about how Heap is mormon and he doesnt curse, drink, celebrate, talk trash the whole 9 yards. Your cool Tyson Jackson.

            Also I loved the play callin by both Cameron and Mattison. Now we gotta get ready for pitt. ITs gonna be a good one.


            • /rant on

              I don't even know what to say about that Tyson Jackson thing.. the dude doesn't even play much because he's a colossal waste of space and when he does get on the field he picks on Todd ******* Heap of all people?

              I'm ashamed that he's on this roster. If you're going to lose, at LEAST lose like a man.. shake their hands and move on.. but don't try that kind of classless crybaby ****.

              /rant off

              edit: I guess I did know what to say. :D

              Originally posted by fenikz
              His soft D really turns me off
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              • Anyone have a video of what Jackson did? I turned the game off after a while. haha


                • he grabbed the back bottom of Heaps helmet and tried to rip it off. This happened about 5 seconds after the play ended.


                  • Thought it was a sick pick. That is all.


                    • I'll be pulling for the Ravens but if I was a betting man, I'd pick the Steelers.

                      Sorry, but if we couldn't beat a broken down Steeler team at our place, what makes you think they could beat them on the road with them actually being healthy?

                      Plus Cam can't call good games in back to back weeks can't he?


                      • yeah, I'm not to optimistic either, but the thing with Ravens vs. Steelers is that it's going to be an AWESOME game, as it always is.

                        It'll be close, as always and I think we'll be in it until the end.


                        • Its gonna be a toss up it will be exciting.

                          and here is a cool picture I found.


                          • Screw this pessimism. We can be cynical about coaching, play calling, etc. during the regular season. It's playoff time and were coming off a great win. It's time for everybody to be on board and start believing we can get it done.


                            • I think your overrating beating a team that really hasn't beaten anybody this year.


                              • we did beat the Steelers at the STeelers. Its the Steelers game its going to be a toss up.



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