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What's Wrong with the Defense?

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  • What's Wrong with the Defense?

    Many people on this thread(including myself) strongly believe Greg Mattison is holding this defense back. He needs to be more creative, more energetic and send more than 4 people on a pass rush. (see what New Orleans did to Big Ben, or what Indy did to Schaub)

    However, a lot of so called "experts" and columnists are saying its more of a personnel issue and the Ravens front 7 needs to play better.

    Sure our linebackers could cover better, but if they aren't good in pass coverage, why is Greg Mattison putting them there? Play players to there strengths, don't put them in a situation to screw up and make em look bad.

    Also, with the bye week over with, sadly, I think it's clear that we have chosen to stick with Mattison for the rest of the year, if he was going to be fired, doing it before the bye week would have been the ideal time to do it.

    Also, keep in mind, we aren't a top 10 team vs. the rush anymore, which is sad in Baltimore standards. I don't fault Greg Mattison for that though, the players are more at fault for that stat line.

    Made this thread to see what most Raven fans on this board think about this subject.
    Greg Mattison
    The Players
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    I think its a mix of both with more on Mattison. I think that any struggles with the rush defense falls on the players. We have the talent to stop the run and aren't doing a good enough job.

    In the pass game I highly blame Mattison. He is content to have 4 down linemen rush and drop the rest. It just doesn't work. We don't get enough pressure on the QB with 4 men in a standard pass rush. Our corners aren't good enough to sit back and cover when the QB has that long. We have to get a little more creative to get some type of pressure. Ryan Fitzpatrick tore us up because he had plenty of time to.

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      I've got to go with Mattison on this one. I'm a believer that this is a scheme league and Mattison just isn't right for the personnel we have. This is especially true for the pass-defense, like niel89 said we're only rushing 4 guys and the only one that's really a threat to get to the QB is Suggs, but the opposing teams know this and prepare accordingly. Ngata gets his occasional beast-mode sack where he just destroys the offensive lineman but he's not consistent at getting pressure. I'd also say that he has a hand in our teams regression in run defense as well. Since he doesn't call many blitzes in passing downs it's very rare that he ever calls a run blitz, which were very effective for us when Rex was calling the plays. We've got a bunch of big/stout guys along the line but they're not quick/agile enough to get to the RB in the hole. Mattison also isn't very good at making adjustments, but that's a problem the entire coaching staff shares.


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        Mattison is in over his head... he is a great College D-Co but in the pros he lacks something more then just saying his scheme is no good. He doesn't inspire the defense, RAY LEWIS does and that is part of the issue too.

        Rex called plays and inspired the team and was just as fired up as the guys on the field. We need that shot in the arm on the sidelines, its Harbs job to be calm cool and collected, we need to hire a NEW D-Co this offseason...



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