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    Ok so this is my seven round Ravens Mock, putting in compensation picks and im guessing they will be a 4th,5th and 6th for Chester Taylor, Maake Kemoautu, Will Demps, Anthony Wright and Dave Zastudil

    1st - Joe Staley | OT | Central Michigan
    This was a tough choice here between him and Ugoh, or go corner with McCauley or Ross. But Staley is just a beast as he proved at his Pro Day weighing in just over 300lbs at nearly 6'6 and running a 40 time in 4.8 seconds is just plain manimal like for an OT. He is a natural LT which makes this pick skeptical for me as we also have another natural LT type in Adam Terry. But he will be taking over at RT this year and i expect him to be comfortable enough to stay there for his career, and with Staley and Terry you have one of the most athletic set of OT's in the league set for the next decade. And he fits into our new line look which we have been developing with more athletic players such as Adam Terry, Chris Chester, and Jason Brown. may not be in lineup right away but with Ogdens health a concern always now with his age and possible retirement this year should be in the lineup in no time.

    2nd - Eric Wright | CB | UNLV
    I absolutely love this guy, he has every tool you look for and could become a shutdown corner and possibly the best of the draft. He is quick fast and most importantly fits the ravens scheme of man to man on an island, he has the confidence to be put in that situation as a young player and the skill to. He may have the most potential in the draft but has his baggage but he would fit well in Baltimore and would be the heir to Rolle and would take over in no time. Im hoping Ozzie has looked into his past and has checked if his character issues will be a concern and if not i hope we jump all over him.

    3rd - Traded for Willis McGahee

    4th - Traded for Steve McNair

    Comp. 4th - Atnwan Barnes | LB | Florida International
    Well built player who is very stout, had a great 40 time and shows powerful hips. Should be able to contribute much like Adalius Thomas did when we first got him, on special teams where he could become an absolute beast and in time make his way into the lineup. Would love to see us get Anthony Waters at this point and we may be able to dependent upon how he is recovering and works out later on at his individual pro day, but Barnes is the next best thing for us.

    5th - Mansfield Wrotto | OG | Georgia Tech.
    An extremely raw player which is a great developmental project, has the tools you like for in a G, has good feet and is strong and good in space and pulling. Needs to refine his technique but can learn that under Ogden and Flynn until he may one day be ready to come into the starter lineup. Also fits our new scheme much like Staley does. may go higher do to his potential though but after some dissapointing combine numbers and average senior bowl week i see him being here.

    Comp. 5th - Brandon Myles | WR | West Virginia
    A deep threat that would add that demension to our offense that we only have with Demetrious Williams, plays very fast and quick and was underutilized at WV, and he showed that at the Senior Bowl where i was extremely impressed with all assets of his game. Would be a great addition to our offense and potentially our future slot reciever.

    6th - Traded for Willis McGahee

    Comp. 6th - Daren Stone | S | Maine
    A huge sleeper in this draft has amazing measurables but has played low level competition, he can contribute on special teams and should be very good at it with his abilities, good potential i like what i see in him and hopefully he develops.

    7th - Jay Richardson | DE | Ohio St.
    has good size to play the 5 technique in our defense and his versatility will allow us to possibly use him in his career. Fits well into our changing looks known as Organized Chaos and he will be thrown in the mix and could do quite well in it.

    Thoughts on the picks..This draft is very potential based, and is what we need with our cap and key players aging

    Doobie- Baltimore Ravens Loyalist

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    I think Staley would be good because only the FO knows how good he has been at RT.


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      I thought we traded 3rd and 7th this year and 3rd next year for Willis.

      Good picks glad to see you jump on the bandwagon that I have been driving for quite sometime now of Staley to Baltimore.

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        Darren Stone is my favorite pick. I like Eric Wright in the 2nd, that's great. I think we should look for a more physical receiver rather than a DWill clone. I like Staley in the first. Like ERU said, we traded the 7th, not 6th. Not a fan of Wrotto, I personally believe he is trash.

        I'm actually unsure about Staley in the first. I really think he'll be gone by then anyways. I don't think Terry should stay at RT.


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          The Myles pick intrigues me!

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          Originally posted by Job
          On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
          Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

          So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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            i really like josh wilson in the second, hes a maryland guy that i think will be a great cover corner in the NFL. wright is a good pick though



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