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    Just thought it would be fun looking through the team mocks thread in the mock draft section to see what we thought, some of them date as far back as November so some will be off, some long before the season even ended.

    Round 1:Levi Brown:Was hard to choose between him and Blalock but I see bust potential in Blalock.
    Round 2:H.B. Blades:As much as we hate it, Ray is getting older and we need his eventual replacement, I would be very happy to get him here. He is a tackling machine
    Round 3:Josh Wilson:Local boy and the future starting Corner for the Ravens. He is great in coverage and a lights out hitter.
    Round 4:Steve McNair:This best pick for the Ravens in the 2007 draft, McNair has helped them take that step into the playoffs that Boller never would have done, he has been clutch and has won games himself.-Have this in bold for a reason, boller homers disperse.
    Round 5:Tyrone Moss:Moss is a big back who could be groomed into a good back for the Ravens.
    Round 6: Deyon Williams:Clarence Moore is a piece of junk, and Dmase is older so an eventual 3rd reciever behind Clayton and Demetrius Williams would be great. Deyon is a big reciever and really has a lot of potential but due to his injury and not playing this year he will drop.
    Round 7:Isaiah Stanback:McNair is old, Boller is a bust, so it would be great to get a developmental type QB like Stanback. He is big and very athletic and has an underrated arm, if he can get it all together he can be special.

    1st round - Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn
    2nd round - Kevin Kolb, QB, Houston
    3rd round - Mike Otto, OT, Purdue
    5th round - Larry Birdine, DE, Oklahoma
    6th round - David Ball, WR, New Hampshire
    7th round - Dominic Ross, SS, Cincinnatti

    1. Michael Bush RB, Louisville
    2. Josh Beekman OG, Boston College
    3. Prescott Burgess OLB, Michigan-Got him in the 6th
    4. J.D Nelson S, Oregon
    5. Chris Denman OT, Fresno State
    6. Jay Alford DT, Penn State
    7. Scott Stephenson C, Iowa State

    User:Go Ravens94
    1. Troy Smith, QB Lol, we still got him though
    2. HB Blades, LBAtleast I wasn't the only one who had him as a 2nd round prospect, go skins for getting him in the 6th!!!
    3. Josh Wilson, CB
    4. (Traded for AIR McNAIR, BABY!)
    5. Mason Crosby, K
    6. (GTBDL; Guard To Be Determined Later)
    7. Isaiah Stanback, QB (challenge for #3 job) Did you copy my mock?lol.

    1st Round: Marshawn Lynch, Cal - should see a lot of carries with Jamal getting old. He'll be the change of pace back.
    2nd Round:Ben Grubbs, Auburn - Will probably be a backup but will challenge the starters.Right pick, wrong round
    3rd Round:Justin Warren, Texas A&M - Can play inside or outside and could be ray lewis' eventual replacement
    5th Round:Chris Leak, Florida - will be groomed to replace McNair in the future.
    6th Round:Mike Otto, Purdue - could fill the need we have at tackle?
    7th Round:John Talley, Duke - probably be a dimeback. Could be nickel?
    Wesley Smith, Memphis - Backup in case our starts get hurt.

    User:Young Flippa
    Round 1= Anthony Spencer (DE,Purdue)
    Round 2= Josh Beekman (OG, Boston College)
    Round 3= Tony Hunt (RB, Penn State)
    Round 4= (No Pick)
    Round 5= Chase Johnson (OT, Wyoming)
    Round 6= Dashon Goldson (CB, Washington)
    Round 7= Fontel Mines (WR, Virginia)

    1) Jarvis Moss
    2) Manuel Ramirez / Antonio Pittman
    3) Chris Henry / Doug Free / Jared Zabransky
    5) Dallas Baker / Steve Smith
    6) Dan Mozes / Chas Johnson
    7) Jeff Smardzija / Roderick Rogers

    1. Arron Sears
    2. Antonio Pittman
    3. Brian Robinson
    4. Joe Cohen
    5. Cory Anderson

    Seeing that Weaver, Kemo, Taylor, Demps, Zastudil, and Chad Williams all signed big contracts or medium contracts for Zastudil and Williams, and our big signing was Pryce, who's contract equaled Weavers, and we had 2 small ones in Bannan and Anderson, I think we can get a 3rd and a 6th/7th or a 4th and a 5th and maybe another 7th. In this mock, I'm gonna go with a 4th and 5th, and 7th.

    1. Aaron Sears - Pashos was our only legit RT, and its unknown if Terry can make the transition. Sears played almost all of the positions on the line except C and would fill in at RG or RT from day 1. Ravens1991, I know you like guys who can get to the 2nd level, and Sears can despite his large size.

    2. Ryan McBean - I was tempted to go with Turk McBride here, but McBean has the ability to tie up blockers that is key to our defense. Some may say its a reach, but McDonald will probably be gone by our pick, and he's got a lot of potential, probably more than McDonald, who doesn't hold his ground as well as McBean.

    3. WILLIS - 42

    4. Tim Duckworth - Remember this is a very late 4th rounder so it pretty much holds the value of a high 5th. Duckworth might not even slip to here, but we always see big guards(Elton Brown, MJG) slip to day 2. He's my favorite kind of guard - a road grader with a nasty instict. He's tough and has upside so when Vincent is gone(hopefully) he'll have the chance to take over and let Chester go to C.

    5. Desmond Bishop - I pretty much always put him in my mocks. He's one of my favorite defensive players in the draft. He ran poorly, but I don't really care. He's a great run stuffer and we need quality depth inside.

    5. Daren Stone - I've never seen him play(he's from Maine), but I've heard a lot of things from people who think he's got mad potential to dominate in the league. He's got great size and has played corner at times, and he's also got a lot of picks in his career. Plus we have no depth at safety if Sapp goes.

    6. Stanley Doughty - He perhaps made one of the worst decisions by declaring this year. I only saw him once and he didn't stand out to me. He's pretty much what you'd expect, a massive load who just gets in the way. I don't think Bannan or Edwards can play the nose.

    7. Chris Davis - No not the LSU one, the FSU one. He's got relatively no potential, but he's like a poor poor mans Mark Clayton. He's tough and definately took a bunch of shots this year. He's like a pesky gnat in the run game. However he isn't tall like Clarence Moore so I don't know if he can get his spot.

    7. Jacob Ford - Central Arkansas guy who I've never seen but has intriguing measurables. He's got similar ones to Suggs and made a lot of plays in the backfield. I have a feeling if we took him. Kind of similar to Roderick Green(who's actually doing well in SF)


    1ST ROUND - offensive guard - Ben Grubbs 66 - will battle Jason Brown and Keydrick Vincent for a starting job at guard.

    2ND ROUND - outside backer - LaMarr Woodley 54 - will be a backup to Terrell Suggs. (Jarett Johnson will backup Dan Cody on the other side)

    5TH ROUND - inside backer - Thaddaeus Washington 59 - will be trained by the best and backup Ray Ray someday replacing him.

    6TH ROUND - offensive tackle - Palauni Ma Sun 77 - backup tackle.

    7TH ROUND - nose tackle - Stanley Doughty 98 - could fight Kelly Gregg for playing time.

    Ok so this is my seven round Ravens Mock, putting in compensation picks and im guessing they will be a 4th,5th and 6th for Chester Taylor, Maake Kemoautu, Will Demps, Anthony Wright and Dave Zastudil

    1st - Joe Staley | OT | Central Michigan
    This was a tough choice here between him and Ugoh, or go corner with McCauley or Ross. But Staley is just a beast as he proved at his Pro Day weighing in just over 300lbs at nearly 6'6 and running a 40 time in 4.8 seconds is just plain manimal like for an OT. He is a natural LT which makes this pick skeptical for me as we also have another natural LT type in Adam Terry. But he will be taking over at RT this year and i expect him to be comfortable enough to stay there for his career, and with Staley and Terry you have one of the most athletic set of OT's in the league set for the next decade. And he fits into our new line look which we have been developing with more athletic players such as Adam Terry, Chris Chester, and Jason Brown. may not be in lineup right away but with Ogdens health a concern always now with his age and possible retirement this year should be in the lineup in no time.

    2nd - Eric Wright | CB | UNLV
    I absolutely love this guy, he has every tool you look for and could become a shutdown corner and possibly the best of the draft. He is quick fast and most importantly fits the ravens scheme of man to man on an island, he has the confidence to be put in that situation as a young player and the skill to. He may have the most potential in the draft but has his baggage but he would fit well in Baltimore and would be the heir to Rolle and would take over in no time. Im hoping Ozzie has looked into his past and has checked if his character issues will be a concern and if not i hope we jump all over him.

    3rd - Traded for Willis McGahee

    4th - Traded for Steve McNair

    Comp. 4th - Atnwan Barnes | LB | Florida International
    Well built player who is very stout, had a great 40 time and shows powerful hips. Should be able to contribute much like Adalius Thomas did when we first got him, on special teams where he could become an absolute beast and in time make his way into the lineup. Would love to see us get Anthony Waters at this point and we may be able to dependent upon how he is recovering and works out later on at his individual pro day, but Barnes is the next best thing for us.Good Call Captain

    5th - Mansfield Wrotto | OG | Georgia Tech.
    An extremely raw player which is a great developmental project, has the tools you like for in a G, has good feet and is strong and good in space and pulling. Needs to refine his technique but can learn that under Ogden and Flynn until he may one day be ready to come into the starter lineup. Also fits our new scheme much like Staley does. may go higher do to his potential though but after some dissapointing combine numbers and average senior bowl week i see him being here.

    Comp. 5th - Brandon Myles | WR | West Virginia
    A deep threat that would add that demension to our offense that we only have with Demetrious Williams, plays very fast and quick and was underutilized at WV, and he showed that at the Senior Bowl where i was extremely impressed with all assets of his game. Would be a great addition to our offense and potentially our future slot reciever.

    6th - Traded for Willis McGahee

    Comp. 6th - Daren Stone | S | Maine
    A huge sleeper in this draft has amazing measurables but has played low level competition, he can contribute on special teams and should be very good at it with his abilities, good potential i like what i see in him and hopefully he develops.

    7th - Jay Richardson | DE | Ohio St.
    has good size to play the 5 technique in our defense and his versatility will allow us to possibly use him in his career. Fits well into our changing looks known as Organized Chaos and he will be thrown in the mix and could do quite well in it.

    User:The Scary Dcarey
    Here's my new Ravens mock, with compensational picks as predicted by AdamJT13

    1st round: Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia

    Charles Johnson is one of my favorite players in this draft. Not many Ravens fans have been talking about him, because up until now, it hasn't looked like we would have a chance at him. He was being put in the top 15 of some mocks, and rightfully so in my opinon. But for some reason it seems his stock has slipped a bit. I have him as the #4 defensive end in this draft and in the 15-18 range on my board. I think he's going to be a great player. He could be the successor to Trevor Pryce, and while Pryce is here, he would provide good depth and be a great situational player. He could even play a bit of outside linebacker for us.

    2nd round: James Marten, OT, Boston College

    I feel Marten is a pretty underrated player. He doesn't get talked about at all but I feel he's one of the top 5 offensive tackles in the draft. He'd give us some much needed depth at OT.

    4th round(comp): Le'Ron McClain, FB, Alabama

    Another player that I really like. He's a bruiser which is exactly what we like and he would give Justin Green some good competition for the starting job.Good Call

    5th round: Chansi Stuckey, WR, Clemson

    Some team will get a steal with Chansi Stuckey on draft day. Hopefully that team is the Ravens. With a dissapointing 4.6, he will obviously be a day 2 pick, and could fall into the later rounds. But anyone who has seen him play knows that he plays much faster than a 4.6 40. He looks like a 4.3-4.4 guy on the field. He could be a good weapon that can be utilized in a variety of ways.

    5th round(comp): Keith Jackson, DT, Arkansas

    Jackson is undersized, but he has good athleticism and he produced in a great conference. With the loss of Aubrayo Franklin, we could use another DT to rotate in with Justin Bannan.

    6th round(comp): Tyler Palko, QB, Pittsburgh

    We showed some interest in Palko at the Senior Bowl, and he'd be a really good fit for us. He won't "wow" with physical abilities, but he has pretty good accuracy and can make alot of throws. He'd challenge Drew Olsen to be the 3rd QB.

    6th round(comp): Oscar Lua, ILB, USC

    We need some depth behind Ray. Lua is a solid tackler with decent size, and he played against great competition.

    7th round: Willie Gaston, CB, Houston

    Gaston has got some good raw talent but he is inexpierienced. We have some need at CB but as a 7th rounder, Gaston would probably be a long shot to make the team, considering we have 7 corners right now, and 4 of them (David Pittman, Derrick Martin, Ronnie Prude, and Evan Oglesby) are pretty young.

    1st round: Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan

    2nd round: DeMarcus Tyler, DT, NC State

    4th round(comp): Kevin Kolb, QB, Houston

    5th round: Brian Robinson, OLB, Texas

    5th round(comp): DeAndre Jackson, CB, Iowa State

    6th round(comp): Mike Jones, OG, Iowa

    6th round(comp): Leonard Peters, S, Hawaii

    7th round: Thaddaeus Washington, ILB, Colorado

    User:Young Flippa
    Round 1 = Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan

    Round 2 = LaMarr Woodley, DE/OLB, Michigan

    Round 4(comp) = Troy Smith, QB, Ohio St.Right Pick 3 rounds early

    Round 4 (2nd Comp) = Justin Durant, LB, Hampton

    Round 5 = Tarell Brown, CB, Texas

    Round 5 (comp) = Michael Johnson, S, Arizona

    Round 6 = Chase Johnson, OG, Wyoming

    Round 6(comp) = Justin Medlock, K, UCLA

    2 - Tank Tyler
    2 - Josh Beekman
    4 - Troy SmithRight Pick wrong round
    4(comp) - Baraka Atkins
    4(comp) - Desmond Bishop
    5 - Daren Stone
    5(comp) - Mike Walker
    6 - Mario Henderson
    6(comp) - Chris Davis/Brian Smith

    User:Chef Mike
    Rd1 Joe Staley (OT), Justin Blaylock (OL), Marcus McCauley (CB), Tedd Ginn
    Rd2 Charles Johnson (DE/OLB), Quentin Moses (DE), Manuel Ramirez (OG)
    Rd4 Justin Durant (LB), Quincy Black (LB)
    Rd4 Steve Smith (WR), Chris Henry (RB)
    Rd5 Chase Johnson (OL), Kenny Scott (CB), Dallas Sartz (LB)
    Rd5 Isiah Stanbeck (QB), Stanley Doughty (DT)
    Rd6 Dan Moses (C), Roderick Rogers (S)
    Rd6 Victor Degrate (DE/LB), Jared Zabransky (QB), Drisan Jones (WR)

    Rumors have it that Ginn's stock is dropping because he has yet to have run and has been slow in recovering from his injury. Staley is shooting up draft boards but still is a high potential / high bust prospect. We are basically dominating Day 2 with 6 picks and are history tells us that we will get someone of quality out of those 6 picks, I would love to see us pick up another 1st day pick in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    1st round - Jon Beason | Linebacker | Miami (FL)

    I'm really starting to like Beason and I think he would be a very nice pick for us at 29. He can play inside or outside, his game speed is outstanding, and he can hit. I would love to see how Rex Ryan would use him.

    2nd round - Josh Wilson | Cornerback | Maryland

    Well this seems like every Ravens fan's dream 2nd round pick. I know it's mine. If Josh is on the board there's no doubt we will at least look at him. He's crazy fast and he can be physical.

    4th round - Troy Smith | Quarterback | Ohio State

    Let me make it clear that I am not sold on Troy Smith as a good starting quarterback in the NFL. But there is no doubt that he has the abilities to be a great backup. If he's there in the late 4th, which I think he could be, you gotta take a look at him. He'd give us a good backup should Boller leave after this year. And who knows, maybe he develops into a nice starter.

    4th round - Baraka Atkins | Defensive End | Miami (FL)

    Atkins has outstanding athletic ability for a guy his size. He ran a 4.69 at 270 pounds. He's pretty versatile and would fit very well in our defense.

    5th round - Tim Duckworth | Offensive Guard | Auburn

    A guy with nice size and strength who would provide nice depth on the interior.

    5th round - Marvin White | Safety | Texas Christian

    Very physical player who can hit. He'd probably battle Jamaine Winborne for a backup safety spot.

    6th round - David Ball | Wide Receiver | New Hampshire

    Ball is exactly the type of player we need. Someone with nice speed who can come across the middle and has great hands. He could end up being a great 3rd or 4th guy

    6th round - Le'Ron McClain | Fullback | Alabama

    I've put Le'Ron is prior mocks and I'll probably continue to do it. He's a great lead blocker and would give Justin Green some good competition.

    Round 1 = Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan

    Round 2 = DeMarcus Tyler DT, NC State

    Round 4(comp) = Kevin Kolb QB, Houston

    Round 4 (2nd Comp) = Travarous Bain CB, Hampton

    Round 5 = Desmond Bishop LB, Cal

    Round 5 (comp) = Leroy Harris C/G, NC State

    Round 6 = Jacob Ford OLB, Central Arkansas

    Round 6(comp) = Melvin Bullitt S, Texas A&M

    User:The Ghettosermon

    Round 1 Dwayne Bowe

    Round 2 Tony Ugoh

    Round 4(comp) Ryan McBean

    Round 4 (comp) HB Blades

    Round 5 Travarous Bain

    Round 5 (comp) Brian Smith

    Round 6 Kasey Studdard

    Round 6(comp) Justin Medlock

    Sig By:The Dynasty

    2 7 Round Mocks: April 20
    Full NBA Mock Draft: Updated May 18

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    haha,I remember after the Michigan OSU game I thought we would possibly take Smith in the 1st.


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      i do't think anybody thought that
      we would pick up Yamon Figurs
      but I like the pick now

      Baltimore: 7-4


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        fun read
        just goes to show that we have no idea wat goes on in the minds of ozzie and decosta

        Go Ravens!


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          In my last mock, the only pick I got right was Antwan Barnes in the 4th. I love how unpredictable the draft is.


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            Well I got Le'Ron McClain right....I also had Troy Smith in one. And I had Willie Gaston in one...we got him as a UDFA



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