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    The way i see the QB possibilities at 3... it's either Newton or nobody. I don't see the love affair with Gabbert. He has size, and thats it. He hasn't won anything, and his stats are mediocre at best in that spread system.

    I can see the Bills having Newton Ranked #3 overall... rather easily from a pure talent standpoint. I just am not sold on him from a maturity standpoint.

    Regardless, everyday I change my mind on Newton. One day I love him, and the next I really don't like the idea.

    I think in the end, they will go with either Marcel Darius or Nick Fairley. Both guys are scheme diverse, and fill a huge need. Not to mention, they seem to be consensus top 5 players regardless of who is ranking them.

    The release of Marcus Stroud, and the fact we likely won't have Free Agency prior to the draft will put a premium on those 3/5 technique players since we seem to be pretty thin there right now.


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      One more thing... definitely don't rule out the possibility of Patrick Peterson at #3 as well.

      He is probably the most athletic player in this draft. Terence McGee's injury history, Drayton Florence and Ashton Youboty are Free Agents, and the Buddy Nix proved he wasn't kidding around when he said he would take the best player available regardless of position.

      It's highly likely that at #3 Peterson could be the highest rated player on our board.


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        Unfortunately, the Bills need someone to sell tickets which leads me to believe that either Newton or Gabbert will be the pick. Just have to wait till we see which ones shines at the Combine or his pro day.
        I think the team is hoping its Newton because of his mouth but if Gabbert stays ahead of him then they will pick him.
        You need a franchise QB to win in today's NFL and QB's sell tickets for 3 years even if they eventually flop.
        And proud of it!!!


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          Darius (sp) is the right pick for you guys.


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            Originally posted by Fred Savage View Post
            Darius (sp) is the right pick for you guys.
            Im not so sure right now if he makes it to us...
            "It must be contract year!"

            Deion Sanders


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              Originally posted by gpngc View Post
              I stopped reading after that sentence.

              Why? Because it's most likely correct. And because it's correct, the only logical assumption to make is that the Panthers, picking #1, would take the best player in the draft at their spot.

              They'll go through the process, but ultimately come to that very (correct) decision - Cam Newton is the best player on the board.

              Fairley, Bowers, Green, etc. are all nice players, but this a QB-driven league, and for all the good reasons you mentioned, Newton will be highly coveted. In other words, if he's really viewed as a legitimate option at 3rd overall, surely the team at 1st overall will like him as well. You need to hope A.J. Green puts on 20 pounds and runs a 4.3 or Fairley has 5 sacks on Monday.

              So essentially, the Luck decision may have screwed you guys up just as much as Carolina.

              You guys are ******* cursed.
              I called Newton #1 in January... before the BCS Title game. Sorry.
              "I'm Ko Simpson!"

              - Ko Simpson



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