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  • After week 1...

    What did you guys think of Beason? I didn't see anything about him other than he had 3 tackles. But that doesn't tell the tale...How did he play?

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    A bit tentative, but still first game, big back like Jackson. Other than that he played fine. He will be a real force and in the race for DROY


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      Any updates?


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        7 tackles. Looking like the future leader of the defense. Nobody on defense has any spark of personality, Beason may be able to fill that.

        I think Morgan will be gone soon, and Beason will assume his role.


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          So you think he'll switch to middle? It's good to see that you guys are fond of him at least. Personally I thought he would be a huge flop, but I haven't gotten to see him play yet, I look forward to playing against him this Sunday. But according to you guys, who I think are unbiased fans so I trust what you guys have to say, so I may end up being wrong.


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            He has been everywhere in every game he has played in, not as many tackles against the Rams, but he is going to have a ton of tackles and a few big plays before the end of the year.

            He is a lot faster than his 40 indicates too. Only problem right now is adjusting to the NFL size and wrapping up more. He will get better though. I say I think he will move to middle because I think Morgan will be gone soon and Beason can play all positions. It depends on how the team thinks Adam Seward does.


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              Well...seems to me he pulled a disappearing act this week. Kinda what I was expecting from him to be honest. I was completely unimpressed...never once did he catch my eye for doing something that a first round LB should...oh well. I was rooting for him to fail to be honest. I could still very much be wrong, because I'm still holding out hope for Anderson who has been the invisible man so far. Good push and against the run but no pass rush so *shrug* They're rookies =)



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