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    The Raiders are reportedly taking a look at Carter. After losing out on Berrian, Stallworth and Bryant Johnson, the option of Carter smacks of a desperation attempt to get some sort of speed in the Raiders' WR corps. I know that coming out of Ohio State he had some pretty good potential as a project to really be a good deep threat in the NFL, but how has he been for you guys so far? What kind of a contract would you be willing to give him if you were in the Raiders' position (with a young QB with a strong arm needing some weapons).

    Oldie but a goodie.

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    Very few flashes of brilliance in a career stained with inconsistency. The natural ability is there, in the speed, but he lacks any type of physical presence and his hands are suspect 80% of the time. He would be a nice depth pick-up for a team, in the hope that he does finally start to develop, but I don't expect to see him start anywhere next season.


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      I wouldn't give him more than a 2 year deal as just like joe said he has been a inconsistent player and he doesn't have the greatest hands, but I guess if you guys are looking for a deep threat than give him a chance cause he does have speed I can tell you that for sure


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        He averaged having one good game a season, and even in those he'd drop some passes that he should have easily caught.


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          Drew Carter can run fast in a straight line. That's about it.


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            He's unspectacular. IMO he's got the speed to beat just about anyone in the NFL deep in a straight line, but where he should make his bread and butter, slants, 5 yard outs, smoke routes etc he lacks the consistency and the hands to be an effective player.

            Notable times when he could've stepped up but didn't are the NFCCG where Jake looked to feed him the ball early and often and he plain dropped easy passes.

            Russel's cannon is gonna be too much heat for him to handle imo.



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