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Interesting article on Panthers Draft tendancy

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  • Interesting article on Panthers Draft tendancy

    John Fox and Marty Hurney have a history of spending their first round pick on the teamsí biggest need despite telling the media you always go best player available. In 2002, the pairs first year in Charlotte, the teams defensive line was a shambles and Julius Peppers was selected 2nd overall. In 2003, the team badly needed an offensive tackle after former second round pick Chris Terry was released for off field issues, enter Jordan Gross. The 2004 draft saw the Panthers front office trade up to upgrade the teams biggest weakness from the previous season, cornerback.

    More at link

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    Good read +rep


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      Second part of the article is posted!

      Which Way Did He Go? PDF Print E-mail edit
      Written by SoxAddict
      Friday, 11 April 2008 07:30
      In my last article, we looked at why the Front Office possibly won’t go their normal route and address our biggest need in the first round. This time, we’ll look at four other possible ways they could go. Some are more likely than others and some you will probably disagree with but to steal a line from the Panthers head coach, they are what they are.
      The first direction is one that’s garnered momentum among speculators on message boards in the past few days, the selection of defensive end Derrick Harvey from the University of Florida. The reason I see this as a possibility is due to how much Fox loves his defensive line, and to be entirely honest, the group did nothing that even resembled a consistent pass rush last season. Harvey just has the look of someone Fox would become infatuated with. Excellent athleticism, good size, and he knows how to get to the opposing teams quarterback.
      Full article at link...


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        I agree; the Panther FO always telegraphs at least its first round, and usually its second round, pick.

        Then again, I've called the position we take in round 1 right for 6 years running, and the right player 4 out of those 6 (Willis was taken before our pick last year, Maroney the year before).

        This year, I'm thinking it's Mendenhall.



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