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Couple of Interesting Players we could pick up & my final Panthers Mock

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  • Couple of Interesting Players we could pick up & my final Panthers Mock

    I think Shaun Alexander would be a perfect fit to be the power back to handle any short yardage and anything inside the 10 yard line, if he's willing to accept that role than Carolina should jump all over him. And I just heard on sportscenter that Miami is shopping Jason Taylor for a 1st Rounder, I mean the guy is still one of the best DE in football and I think paring him up with Peppers would be a great combo, but is that worth pick #13.

    Panthers 2008 NFL Mock Draft
    (1)13-Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State
    (2)43-Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina
    (3)67-DaJuan Morgan, FS, NC State
    (3)74-Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
    (4)109-Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii
    (5)141-Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri
    (6)181-Kirk Barton, OT, Ohio State
    (7)221-J Leman, ILB, Illinois
    (7)241-Dwight Lowery, CB, San Jose State
    (7)250-Jordan Grimes, OG, Purdue

    What do you guys think about Saturday and Sunday?

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    I'm not sure I would give up a second for Taylor. He is really old, I don't see much more left in him, even if he has a good one year, it isn't work it.

    Alexander isn't close to a power back, he is finesse through and through.


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      I agree with ShutDwn, the losses across Seattle's offensive line the past couple of years have really exploited just how soft of a runner Alexander is.

      A guy like Matt Forte would be a later-round pick that fills the power void behind Williams. So, I think you switch around the needs addressed with the second-round pick and the first third-round pick. In the second-round, a safety like Josh Barrett would be a nice pick-up. With the first pick in the third-round draft Forte followed by someone like Red Bryant at defensive tackle with the second pick in the third-round.

      I do think we should look to address any need at defensive end either through free agency or a trade.


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        I'd rather Ray Rice in the second.


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          Ray Rice would be nice if he is still available. I was worried he was one of those soft runningbacks who just happen to be built like a power runner. The more I read about him, he may be the best bet. I tried to find guys with "intagibles" and "leadership" in their scounting reports as those are the guys Hurney tends to draft.


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            The problem with Rice isn't so much that he's a small guy who's going to get beat up but that he can't do anything but run. The reason I latched onto Forte early before everyone else did is because he's one of maybe 3 RBs in this entire draft who can come in and block, catch and run at an NFL level in his first year. After all the concern people had over D-Will's blocking last year (more of a talking point than a real issue IMO) I'd thought they pay attention to it in the draft...but nope


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              i agree, i've been a big fan of forte for a while and would love to see him in carolina



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