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Starting to warm up to Stewart + Next years O

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  • Starting to warm up to Stewart + Next years O

    Alright so I was pissed when we picked up Stewart at 13 at first because I'm diametrically opposed to using a 1st rounder on an RB unless he's Adrian Peterson, much less using TWO first rounders on your RB squadron.

    My other concerns with him - Injury prone (just what we need), beat up on Pac-10 defenses (I think we're all acquainted with the issue here) and he seems to dance too much in my eyes (reminds me of Foster). He also looks RIDICULOUS in some highlights...just like Foster. Hard to get on too much for that, of course, but there's just a lot of similarities in my eyes. At least he doesn't fumble all the time

    But he's still a damn good player. Physical freak, 5* recruit out of high school, highly productive when he played, probably has the highest upside of the RBs in the draft...

    Then you have Otah, who I liked early on. I saw him MAULING in LaSean McCoy highlights during the season and fell in love. Then I saw him in pass protection and well...not so much with the love anymore. Still, another high upside guy and while the bust factor is high (raw and fat) it could work out.

    Alright, so I've kind of run these guys down a bit. But I have warmed up to them as our picks. We got robbed by the Eagles, and I can totally see us repeating the 49ers blunder of giving a team a top 10 pick, but we'll deal with that next year. For now, look our offense

    LT Gross LG Wharton C Kalil RG one of the FAs RT Otah

    WR Smith, Moose, Hackett, Robinson
    TE Rosario (I remember not being real high on him right after the pick either, and he was from maybe this works out), King, who cares
    RB Stewart, Williams, Toefield
    QB Delhomme, Moore, Basanez

    not bad. But, what do you guys think? Is Stewart 1 or D-Will 1? I'm thinking Stewart either starts the year or by mid-season. You don't take someone with the 13th pick to play 3rd down. Then don't take someone in the 20s to do that either. Sigh

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