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    The Panthers seem to be in a similar situation to the Eagles defensively in terms of needs. Safety and linebacker. Which direction assuming you don't pick up any FA safeties or linebackers, will the Panthers go? Who would you rather have Patrick Willis, or Laron Landry?

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    I'd rather have LaRon Landry. I feel that he could pretty much give us a top 3 secondary in the NFL.

    I want us to take a linebacker in the second because I feel what we need is someone who can compete at weakside and then shift into the middle. Buster Davis would be a good fit here, as would Harris would could just be a thumper across the line and just be productive. Either way we've got Na'il Diggs back and Morgan back, so what we really need to be safe is a linebacker who can play MLB.

    I want Landry but we'd have to trade our 85th pick to trade into position to nab him, which I don't see us doing. If Nelson is off the board I'd rather trade down and pick up Griffin or I'd take Olsen and then trade up into the second to grab Weddle or Merriweather, and then BACK into the second to get the best linebacker available.


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      u guys wont get landry ur better off drafting Nelson


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        Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
        u guys wont get landry ur better off drafting Nelson
        People also said we wouldn't get DeAngelo Williams last year, so we'll wait and see with Landry. I definitely think linebacker and safety will be addressed in the first two-rounds. Tight end could enter the discussion if we address linebacker or safety in free agency.

        Marty Hurney has already said he wants to wait through the initial rush of signings and look to add "diamond in the rough" type players that fit the Panthers' mold, which likely means we won't look for any new starters in free agency.
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          We don't really need a starter though, except for at safety, we need a backup linebacker.


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            We need a starter at tight end. Hurney says Michael Gaines may be our starter, but anyone would be an upgrade over Gaines.


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              Draft options in 1st round (by importance):

              1. Laron Landry
              2. Reggie Nelson
              3. Levi Brown
              4. Greg Olsen
              5. Patrick Willis
              6. Michael Griffin
              7. Ted Ginn, Jr. (hasn't been mentioned before, but our return game and Keary Colbert suck ass. this would be a "two birds with one stone" type of pick.

              Seriously, if none of these players are available at 14, we should trade down.


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                Somewhere we need a starting calibure S, DE depth, LB depth, and a gem in the rough TE. I think if we were able to get a starting calibure S in the first two rounds, our defense would be a helluvalot better than last year. Basically, we need a center fielder. IF a guy like Reggie Nelson is that center fielder who can break up the pass and support the run decently, then he needs to be the choice.

                Landry is a dream. Its VERY unlikely that he drops out of the top 10 unless there is a run on DEs and/or WRs (could happen, wouldn't surprise me). LB can be filled in by role players I think. Hell, maybe even Seward could come in and play intelligently instead of running around like an idiot like he did last year.



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