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Panthers 2009 Draft Thoughts

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  • Panthers 2009 Draft Thoughts

    Not as exciting a draft for the Panthers with no 1st rounder but you can still come away with great players past 1 so still something to be excited about.

    Although if I was Carolina I would consider trading into the first round if what I am hearing about this guy and his stock falling is true and he falls to 24 or farther.

    Vonte Davis CB for Illinois (Call me bias if you want being a Illinois fan and season ticket holder) this guy has skills that warrent a top 15 pick and he never cause problems in the locker room or off the field at Illinois. Question his intangibles if you want, but if he falls Carolina should jump on him if it's 24 or father being that we released Ken Lucas.

    Ok well anyway if that doesn't happen I would like to see Carolina look this way in the draft
    2(59) DT Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State-Good athlete that would add some depth at DT for Carolina

    3(93) CB Mike Mickens, Cincinnati-Has all the tools to be a sleeper pick, hopefully some teams overlook him and Carolina can snatch him up

    4(128) TE Travis Beckham, Wisconsin-We need a pass catching threat at TE, the TE we have now just don't cut it and Beckham is a pass catcher with great hands so I would take a flier

    5(163) WR Jarett Dillard, Rice-Has all the tools with great hands, didn't play the greatest competition but I would give him a chance

    6(202) DE Will Davis, Illinois-Will struggled his senior year but was a monster hus junior year, he needs work and needs to bulk up a bit but has shown flashes of being a sack machine

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    Once you had the team trading up (and it's WAY up from 59 to 24) for a position that isn't even close to being a big need, you lost me and I quit reading.
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      Heard on ESPN that the Panthers have shown interest in Derrick Burgess who is currently being shopped by the Oakland Raiders.

      After the aggressive move last year to acquire another first-round pick and draft Otah, I would expect a quiet year where they'll just let the draft play out and take the best player available at their current picks.

      I do like the thought of Dillard as a late pick-up, he's been on my radar for the last couple of years. He was extremely productive for Rice, even against competition like Texas (four-year totals of 23 catches / 349 yards / two touchdowns). As for tight end, I would not expect to see one this year. Even if we had a tight end that could catch passes consistently, the coaching staff showed this past year with Rosario that they wouldn't know how to properly utilize him.



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