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  • Panthers Day 2 Thoughts

    2 (43) (from 49ers) Everette Brown, DE, Florida State
    2 (59) Sherrod Martin, CB/S, Troy
    3 (93) Corvey Irvin, DT, Georgia

    Guys I have on my eye for the 2 4th's, 1 5th, and 1 6th

    Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma- Solid WR with good hands
    Jarrett Dillard, Rice- very intersting prospect, lets see if he can play the nfl like he did c-usa in college

    Shawn Nelson, Southern Miss- a great pass catchting threat at TE
    Cornelius Ingram, Florida- another pass catching threat at TE
    James Casey, Rice- very versile guy carolina could move around and put in different spots

    Jamon Meredith, South Carolina- solid OT that would add depth that carolina lost in free agency this offseason
    Xavier Fulton, Illinois- im an illinois fan so a little bias here, but xavier is a hard worker that would be a solid 4th or 5th rounder to add depth to the o-line

    Duke Robinson, Oklahoma- surprised he still on the board at 4, nice player to grab this late

    Lawrence Sidbury, Richmond- guy i really like has a sleeper

    D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt- I'm hearing good things about this guy and that he is a good return man, something Carolina really needs, especially after losing Mark Jones

    Just puting my thoughts out and get some discussion going, feel free to put your two cents in
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    If one of the highly-rated defensive tackles is still available at their pick in the third-round, I'd like to see one of them be the pick.

    Also, as mentioned in the other thread, I'd like to see the team take a chance on Jarett Dillard.


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      updating for 4th round has we speak


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        It wasn't a need, but I really like the Mike Goodson pick. He's a replacement for/upgrade over Nick Goings and hopefully signals an even greater commitment to the running game in the upcoming season.


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          L-O-V-E the Duke Robinson pick, especially that late in the draft. He seems to be the perfect player for the style of play our offense employs.


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            we have had a decent draft, I like the Brown pick, we will see how much trading away future picks will hurt us in the future.

            I heard Martin will be a corner, I think that he could be good, don't know much about him though.

            Seems like we picked up a great fifth rounder with Duke though.


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              I think we did well. Not a fan of the 3rd round DT but other than that I like the players we picked up. Wish next year's first wasnt burned again, but Brown can be worth it


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                Originally posted by SchizophrenicBatman View Post
                I think we did well. Not a fan of the 3rd round DT but other than that I like the players we picked up. Wish next year's first wasnt burned again, but Brown can be worth it
                Yeah, I think everyone has that one pick that raised an eyebrow. Mine is Goodman, it is just random to me. Obviously we have DeAngelo and Stewart, and I liked Birmingham. I know we cut Goings, but is a third rounder required to replace Goings?


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                  Goodson was a 4th rounder, and from what they're saying there's been talk about using him on returns and in the slot some as well.
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                    I liked the RB pick. If you watch the highlights he's a shifty space type of runner - the kind of player all the idiots who don't know football thought DeAngelo was before this year. We needed a 3rd RB, and while there was certainly other places to fill that spot (Birmingham, later round pick this year like Peerman) Goodson also seems to have some receiving ability and his running style looks like it's made for kick returns. Fills multiple holes and might even be a guy we throw a couple screens at. He reminds me a little of Jerious Norwood tbh

                    I dont like the DT pick because it seems any time we reach in the mid rounds for a guy from a major conference school on defense it doesn't work out. It's hard for these guys to fall through the cracks when they're on TV and on the field so much. On offense it's different b/c they have to get the ball to make a difference - but I see us get a guy from UGA who was projected in the late rounds and all I can think is James Anderson, Atiyyah Ellison, etc. Then I go read about how the GT coach all but called this guy out as the reason they ran for about 500 yards on UGAs defense and I really worry about the run defense



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