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    Can you PLEASE do something this season? Being a USC fan I was one of his biggest pole smokers on here and though i didn't think he'd take the league by storm i thought he would at least stay on the field consistently and get more than a measely 119 yards on 10 catches in his sophomore year.

    He was sooooooo good in college and you can't tell him that he doesn't have the talent and skill. Im guessing probably just laziness and poor work ethic.

    Im seriously going to ***** and moan all season if he doesn't do jack again this year. then probably cry a little...

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    Jarrett's lack of production thus far is not a virtue of laziness or poor work ethic, not last season, at least.

    As we know, the Panthers' offense is primarily predicated on the run, so three or four receiver sets are not a big part of their playbook. Still, in very limited action he's proven to be an effective run blocker who can provide a dangerous weapon on third downs. It wouldn't surprise me if he saw more time in the No. 2 role this season where he would see significant looks for a team desperately searching for another receiving threat, especially considering Muhammad is 36 years old.

    It's all a matter of getting on the field, and if successful in that regard, 50-60 catches is certainly a realistic benchmark for us to expect.


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      yeah its really all going to depend on how much Fox or the OC puts him on the field last year our #3 receiver only caught around 13 balls and really wasnt thrown to but maybe 16 times all year and most of those were in his #2 role when Smith was out so unless Muhammed or god forbid Smith gets injured Jarrett will probably see around 10-25 catches tops..really cant see him getting more then that with the offense being as it is!/DarthSharkPanch


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        Its his 3rd season now...he should do decent. If he doesn't it just shows USC offense is a system offense, as in we say they are system qbs they won't be good in the NFL. So the offensive players are just coming from a system tahts hypes them up.


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          i dont really think its a USC thing i think its more of a John Fox thing since he doesnt like playing more then 2 could be because he isnt doing well in practice but as well as hes played when he has actually been able to get in the game makes me think otherwise so i honestly think its just a John Fox thing...or a Carolina thing since from what i can remember Carolina has never had a really successful #3 receiver and i dont think its from lack of talent at the position i think its just Carolina has historically been a run based team and hasnt had coaches who used 3 receiver sets
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            Dwayne Jarrett blows.

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              If he can't earn the #2 WR spot, the simple fact is Jarrett won't get many opportunities to catch the ball.

              After Meshawn Johnson, there does seem to be a startling lack of production from USC WRs in the pros.



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