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  • Now that Luck...

    Is out of the running for #1..

    Any chance you guys trade say #3 or #4 to Tennessee for VY and draft AJ Green?

    Trade Clausen away as well and pick up something for him while you can... then you know if VY flops massively you have the chance to possibly draft Luck #1 overall next year?

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    Is that bad luck or what? Carolina in position to land a franchise QB and he returns to college for one more season. Wow. I hope Carolina sucks again and has one more shot. That's just not right the way their fans were excited only to be let down.
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      if we blow again next year he can go back again

      maybe we get barkley or whoever else though

      we're not trading any more picks. this organization wants nothing to do with vince young and I doubt anyone else does. he's going to get released

      green is a possibility but if I know this organization like I think I do it's pretty much down to bowers, fairley or anyone else who rises up the boards on the defensive side of the ball


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        Well, after seeing what happened last night I would say that Fairley is the obvious choice. He made the entire Auburn defensive line so much better and I think he would do the same here. I don't know anything about the guy in terms of work ethic but from what I saw on the field he is dominant.

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