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Carolina Mock Draft 2011 (lets discuss)

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  • Carolina Mock Draft 2011 (lets discuss)

    Just to get a topic going about the Panthers overall needs. No clue what this coaching staff will do, but it will be interesting.

    I'm not pretending to know it all, but here is what I would do if the draft were tomorrow:

    1. Patrick Peterson CB LSU - Closest thing to a sure bet in this draft. Marshall may be leaving and even so Gamble, Marshall, Munnerlyn, and Peterson would be an unstoppable secondary. Also adds an elite KR/PR we have desperately needed since Smith.

    3a. Muhammad Wilkerson DT Temple - Biggest need. Nevis, Paea, Fairley, and Dareus will all be gone already. Should be a good fit for the team and address an issue.

    3b (comp for Peppers) - Rodney Hudson OG FSU - Probably the weakest part of the team and needs to be addressed. Athletic guy who fills a need.

    4. Rick Elmore DE Arizona - Pass Rusher is a need especially if Johnson leaves. Hardy and Brown are developing still.

    5. Jonas Mouton OLB Michigan - Needed depth at this position. Solid player with good size and speed.

    6. Greg McElroy QB Alabama - Unless we get a vet FA we could take the most pro ready qb in the draft. Big upgrade over Nall/Pike IMO.

    7a. Brandon Bair DT Oregon - Another athletic DL who could easily earn a roster spot.

    7b (comp pick) - Tori Gurley WR South Carolina - Project who would have a shot to make the team.

    Good? Bad? Ugly?

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    Peterson will be a stud for many years to come but no way he goes #1. I don't think a db has ever been the top pick. Plus eight of the last ten drafts saw a qb going number one. And bottom line is qb is the most important position on the field, the panthers need to get one. If they're not sold on newton or gabbert they must trade down which is far more likely to happen now with a rookie salary cap.


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      trade down

      Wilkerson will be gone by round 3. (most likely)

      Peterson is just a cb.

      What would they want for a trade down? How far and who will trade up. What player is worth trading up for?

      I think the panthers should trade down 3-4 times.


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        Originally posted by monson View Post
        Peterson is just a cb.
        He played cb in college but at 6' 219 he's certainly big enough to play safety if a team decides to move him there. In fact only a few of the safeties in this year's draft are bigger than peterson.


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          Peterson is great and id love for him to go #1 to us, that said their does seem to be some unspoken idiotic rule about CBs not going #1 overall but if its going to happen ever it could happen with him...I know if i was picking first overall id take him.

          Wilkerson prolly goes in the first round.

          Overall good mock, I think it would make the team better if this happened.



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            Peterson is the perfect pick in my mind too. If marshall is not brought back that leaves a serious hole in our secondary. Captain has played great for being a 7th round pick, but he is best suited as a nickel back. Thats where Peterson comes in. He could start right away plus return kicks. I think Wilkerson will prob go in second, maybe even first. I like the idea of getting Nevis if he falls to us. Overall I like this mock it address' a lot of needs.



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