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    Hi! I'm a spanish Panthers fan! (i'm not the only one but...). I don't know too much about football, and i don't have many ways of have information about Carolina Panthers in spanish. I would like that you can help me to know things about this team. Thanks.

    PS Sorry for my english

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    Hablo espanol muy poco. ?Que quieres saber?

    Your english is pretty good by the way. Probably a lot better than my spanish


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      There's ESPN's website for the Panthers in Spanish. As far as the offseason, you really haven't missed much. We lost a solid back-up in Chris Draft and signed mostly back-ups and special-teamers in free agency.

      We have a new offensive coordinator, Jeff Davidson. He previously was the New England Patriots' offensive line coach throughout their championship years. It'll be interesting to see what he does.


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        I'm interested in draft. First, i read that we'll choose a TE (Greg Olsen), now, i read that we'll choose a S (Reggie Nelson). I think it's better to choose a S, but with the new offensive coordinator maybe we use more the tight end. What do you think? How good it's Reggie Nelson? it's imposible to choose LaRon Landry with a 14th pick? Gracias


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          Yeah, our new offensive coordinator has already made it known that he wants the tight end to have a much larger role in the offense. Seems like he wants to take the focus off of Steve Smith and spread the ball around.

          If LaRon Landry is available at #14, he is the pick without a doubt in my mind. He is someone who can start immediately and take over the job as leader of the secondary in his second season.

          If Landry isn't available, I think we would take Greg Olsen ahead of Reggie Nelson. Olsen is alot like Jeremy Shockey, minus the on-the-field attitude and off-the-field antics.

          One of them will be available at #14 and I believe after the first round either Landry or Olsen will be a Panther.


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            Hello I´m spanish of Spain. 8)

            Me registrado solo para contestar al post, llevaba tiempo queriendo hacerlo y ya ves, encontré un buen motivo.

            Es bonito ver compatriotas pantheriles xD


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              Hola.. yo soy de Mexico



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