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Starting RB next season?

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  • Starting RB next season?

    Is it still Foster or has DeAngelo Williams won the job? Or will it be a split backfield where they share the load - if so who will get more carries?

    Also, what can you tell me about DeAngelo Williams? I see he's got good hands, is he your 3rd down back? And if you guys are going ZBS does he fit better?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    It'll probably be Foster but it should be Williams. I expect both will get a good amount of carries until one gets injured (which will happen). ZBS fits both better than the trap scheme we used but more importantly, it fits our OL better. Foster and Williams both have good hands and are adequate receievers all around so our 3rd down back will likely just be whichever isn't the 1st/2nd down guy. Foster is a much better blocker at this point though.

    edit: I should note that Williams can play in just about any scheme and he would have been fine with our old scheme had we the right linemen for it. Foster on the other hand, well, let's just say he'd be a lot better if he had better vision :/
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      Its going to come down to training camp. Who'se going to impress the coaches more? I think they will both be used interchangably and will keep the other fresh. The ZBS has been very friendly to RBs in the past, so I expect that both will thrive playing it it. I hope we don't go down the path of the cutblock and go after defender's knees. That's dirty, and I don't want my team playing to end careers.


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        When you consider the fuss some of our players made about cut-blocks, it would be rather dirty to turn around and do it ourselves...unless we just do it against the Falcons. :)


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          I would love to see DeAngelo get a chance to start

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            DeAngelo should start he is gonna be a star someday :p


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              Agreed, DeAngelo. But sets with DeAngelo and Deshaun in the backfield with our new ZBS should be interesting.


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                BTW, if DeAngelo can do half of this next year, I'll be very, very happy.


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                  Originally posted by pantherfreak View Post
                  BTW, if DeAngelo can do half of this next year, I'll be very, very happy.
                  That touchdown run against U.T.E.P. is straight out of Madden.


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                    I still think when it's all said and done this guy will be the best back in last year's draft and possibly of the past three to four years' drafts.



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