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What are we doing on draft day?

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  • What are we doing on draft day?

    What's your honest thoughts on what we'll do, especially in the first round?

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    I'm expecting at least two trades and have a feeling we won't be staying at 14


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      If we don't trade down, I think we take Greg Olsen at #14 unless LaRon Landry is somehow available.

      Past that, I really think we would need to trade up to really address a need with our second pick. We need a safety, but there likely won't be anyone of value left at our second-round pick. The ideal situation would be to perhaps use Kris Jenkins and our second-round pick to move back into the late first-round and grab Michael Griffin.

      Throw in a linebacker in the third-round and I'd be very happy with that first day.


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        I'm just not sure how much I'm seeing us pick Olsen anymore. For some reason the past two or three days I just haven't got the vibe about it I did for the past month or so.

        I'm expecting us to trade down a few spots in the first as well as finally finding a new home for Jenkins.

        Wouldn't bother me at all if we sent Jenkins and our second rounder to someone for a 1st that enabled us to move up and snatch Griffin. With our own first rounder, I could very easily picture scenarios where we'd take Nelson, Beason, or even Ginn.


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          Wonder what it would take to trade up to the Redskins' spot?

          They need a defensive tackle, we have one on the trade block.

          There is litte doubt that LaRon Landry would be available at #6. Would we throw Kris Jenkins, our first-round draft pick, and perhaps a third or fourth-round draft pick into a deal that would land us our safety of the present and future?

          Unlikely, but not much harm in throwing out potential deals to discuss.


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            I think we have too many needs to spend any picks trading up. Especially considering all the FA's we'll have after this season.


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              What about this scenario: we use our third round pick to move up in the first to 10 or 11. We can hope that Landry is there, but he probably will not. Most likely, Willis will be available there, and we could take him. We could then trade Jenkins and our second round pick to move into the late first round and take a guy like Pozluzny, Beason, or Timmons if Landry falls, Griffin or Nelson if we take Willis, or Olsen if he falls. This would address two of our three pressing issues, but leave us with no third round pick and no Jenkins.

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                I'd love to leave the first-round with Patrick Willis and Michael Griffin as Carolina Panthers.

                Marvin White is a safety that would be available later in the draft that could potentially make an impact with a year or two to learn behind Mike Minter.

                Other than him, not much depth at the position. If we want a starter, we'll either need to take one at #14 or trade up from our second into the late first.


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                  I actually think Safety has a lot of depth. White, Michael Johnson, John Wendling, Josh Gattis...all guys I see as 3rd-5th rounders that I wouldn't mind on this team. I listed them in order of my preference and am actually surprised to see someone else likes White. He's like an underrated Nelson whose style fits Fox's defense better. Anyway, get a guy from that list and add them to one of the top tier and I'd be happy with safety this year. You can easily fill that with a 2nd and a 4th/5th or a 1st and 3rd depending on how you want to do it. That leaves plenty of room for LBs, DEs, TEs, WRs and the like.


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                    Alright, if the Kris Jenkins trade is true here is my re-vamped look at draft day.

                    Take Greg Olsen at #14.

                    Use our two second-round draft picks to trade up and into one of New England's spots to take Michael Griffin.

                    Grab a linebacker in the third-round.

                    Look at someone like Marvin White or another developmental safety to groom behind Minter in the fourth-round.


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                      Scenario 1. Trade down (get extra 3rd and 4th, may be) in the first (before Philly's pick, like 21) and grab Griffin or Merriweather. WR and DE in the Second (Extra pick from Jenkins trade). ILB (someone like Anthony Waters) and TE in the Third. KR and O-Line in the fourth. Safety in the fifth?......,

                      Scenario 2. Trade up in the first to the Texans spot (using our third round pick) to get Willis. Safety and DE in the Second (Jenkins pick). KR or TE in the fourth. Safety in the fifth?......,

                      Scenario 3. Draft Nelson at 14. DE and WR in the second. ILB in the third. KR or TE in the fourth and so on.....,

                      I just realized that I can come up with endless scenarios, but I decided to concentrate on my paying job, for now.



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