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Keyshawn CUT??!!!???

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  • Keyshawn CUT??!!!???

    Hearing rumors everywhere that Keyshawn just got cut by the Panthers. Dan Patrick just mentioned in on ESPN radio.

    What the?

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    Originally posted by MURPHMAN View Post
    Hearing rumors everywhere that Keyshawn just got cut by the Panthers. Dan Patrick just mentioned in on ESPN radio.

    What the?
    Searched high and low for that rumor and cant find any source anywhere that can confirm or deny.... but everywhere I read nothing is even being talked about so I wouldnt worry.


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        i'm a huge keyshawn fan and I can't find many sources behind this so hopefully it's not true because I was really looking forward to the upcoming season with Carolina but if not then I will have a new favorite team and I wish the Panthers all the luck in the world, unless they play keyshawn this year, lol, I will be pissed though if this is ture


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          yeah, its true, i JUST saw it scroll along the bottom of the ticker on NFL network. dang, i was really hoping they'd keep him one year to help groom dwayne jarrett.


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            Doesn't make a damn bit of sense.


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              Wow, lol, on Saturday he was so ecstatic about getting a chance to train him.

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                I have no words. Welcome to the starting lineup, Dwayne Jarrett.


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                  It doesn't make sense. Keyshawn said the Panthers told him that they wanted to get younger, but we have the team to win now, and no matter how good Jarrett will be in the future, Key will be better next year. Plus, Keyshawn would have been able to teach Jarrett the nuances of the game and make him into a better player. This was a stupid move by the Panthers.

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                    I'm still waiting for Keary Colbert to be cut.


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                      OK, so offense?

                      QB Jake Delhomme
                      RB DeAngelo Williams
                      WR Dwayne Jarrett
                      TE Jeff King
                      LT Travelle Wharton
                      LG Mike Wahle
                      C Ryan Khalil
                      RG Jeremy Bridges
                      RT Jordan Gross
                      WR Steve Smith


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                        You have to look at things in the long term, and think about what Key brought to the team. After reading all of Hurney's stuff, and some of the Charlotte beatwriters, I think it will end up being a good decision.

                        Steve Smith will be just as good a tutor as Key will be. Don't forget, Richard Williamson is a very underrated WR coach.


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                          After having thought about it a little more, I'm really fine with this.

                          The only thing that will really change my mind is that after we release Key talking about it being a youth movement will be if Diggs starts a single game this season over Beason and/or Anderson.

                          I realize Diggs is only 28 himself, but if we're cutting Keyshawn to get our younger players more time on the field the same logic holds true to Diggs. We re-signed him this year basically because Anderson didn't have that much experience. So then if Diggs gets the majority of snaps again this we re-sign Diggs to yet another one year deal because Anderson still doesn't have that much playing time under his belt?


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                            This is a dumb move but it will only hurt us a little more than cutting Buckner did last year. Key provided a good amount of production but Smitty can carry the brunt of it anyway. We'll miss his run blocking more than anything IMO

                            just wish there was still a way for Colbert to get cut


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                              It's funny, out of the 90 players currently listed on our roster page only eight are 30-years-old or older. That includes our kicker, long-snapper, and three players who just hit 30. We certainly aren't an old team and definitely not one that's in need of a "youth movement." I would have to believe there was a little more to this Keyshawn's release.

                              If it is some type of youth movement here's a quick breakdown of each of our 30+ year old players:

                              QB - Jake Delhomme
                              FB - Brad Hoover
                              K - John Kasay
                              LB/LS - Jason Kyle
                              LB - Terrence Melton
                              S - Mike Minter
                              DE - Mike Rucker
                              G - Mike Wahle

                              Now a look at some of our free agency and draft additions:

                              QB - David Carr
                              FB/TE - Dante Rosario
                              K - Andrew Wellock
                              LB - Jon Beason
                              LB - Tim Shaw
                              S - C.J. Wilson
                              DE - Charles Johnson
                              Potential LS - Ryan Kalil

                              Every older player now has a replacement on the roster, next year could be interesting.
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