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Any chance the bears use Olsen in the slot?

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  • Any chance the bears use Olsen in the slot?

    Obviously, we are pretty weak at WR, but maybe not as weak as we think. Is there any chance that Olsen lines up on the outside or in the slot? Ron Turner hasn't been very creative in the past, so it might not happen. But maybe the weakness at the WR position will force him to try something new. I know the Colts have had some success with this with Dallas Clark. Another reason that leads me to believe they might try this is because they resigned Desmond to an extension.

    I would also like to see the Turner possibly motion more people out of the backfield, like Wolfe or maybe Hester. I remember when the cowboys did this against us with Owens it was very effective. Maybe even Olsen could line up in the backfield. This is bound to create mismatches. Who knows though, if only there was a way to get into Turners head.... maybe I'll just go talk to a third grader, it will be almost identical.

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    he has the speed so why not i guess that may even give him a better chance to get LB coverage


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      well i think its pretty obvious out strongest offense is going to come out of 2 TE sets. that seems to be the biggest area of strength we have going for us right now but, like you said, turner hasnt been all that creative with things like that in the past.

      but i could see us using olsen or even des clark wherever we can squeeze them in.


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        I don't think there's any doubt that he will be used out of the slot. He was used there last year and played well. He and Clark should be in on most formations together. Olsen motioned several times to FB also. Our best chance to move the ball next year will be with both these guys in the game wherever they line up.


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          yeah. why have another WR when you have a terrorizer slot threat against LBs?

          Just don't get hurt olsen.

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