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LSU DT Glenn Dorsey to the Bears?

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    Originally posted by cinnamonheart85 View Post
    You all have written some thoughtful insights to my original question. Here is why I think that Dorsey would be a great selection if he were availble to the Bears at #14. The offense has so many needs (QB, RB, WR, OT, OG, etc.) that the Bears cannot possibly fix all this with one draft class. In my estimation, it may take 2-3 good draft classes + free agency to fix the offense in Chicago. So why not fill the need positions later and take the best player available (in this scenario, Dorsey, because of a fall in the draft due to injury concerns). The Bears can find a good RT in the 2nd and a QB and WR with the two 3rd round selections they have. RB's can always be found later, so the Bears can take a flyer on one in round 4. Any thoughts on this philosophy?
    That's a fine thought, but again, you have to keep in mind WHY those teams which really need a DT would pass on Dorsey. If they would pass on Dorsey, why would he be the right fit for us when we actually do have much bigger needs.

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