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    Hey everybody... I am pretty new to the site but it seems like the Bears discussion has been pretty slow the past few week. That being said I figured I'd try starting a thread.

    What are your top three (realistic) wishes for the Bears 1st round this April and top three wishes for the draft as a whole?

    My 1st round wishes are as follows...
    1. We draft Michael Oher
    2. Peria Jerry... I know DT isn't the biggest need but I'm not crazy about any of the other guys slotted to go in this range and I think Jerry may be the best player available
    3. We nab Nicks or Britt... ideally we would trade down and still grab one of these guys but if we can't find a trading partner I think we need to just pull the trigger and improve this position

    My entire draft wishes...
    1. Getting a new starting receiver (IMO we need to just throw whoever we draft out there like we did with Olsen rather than letting them ride the pine like our past 1,000 receivers drafted)
    2. Improving the O-line... there seems to be a bunch of talent in this draft hopefully we don't draft someone with known back problems
    3. Grabbing a safety with one of our first four picks

    eh im bored so ill go with 3 worst situations
    1. Drafting a DE in the first round... I don't like any of the candidates
    2. Drafting a QB in the first round... I am an Orton believer... or at least I think that position is good enough to get us wins
    3. Drafting a TE in round one... I can't even imagine this happening just brought it up cause the Bears seem to surprise me every year... I wouldn't mind if we grabbed one in a later round though as so much of our offense runs through that position (Im not sure thats a good thing but it is what it is)

    Anyway sorry if this post is too long to generate any interest feel free to just pick one of the wish lists/worst case scenarios... just trying to drum up some more draft discussion but maybe I just giddy with the newness of following the draft
    "Baby, I'm going to sine your pitty on the runny kine!"
    ~Pootie Tang

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