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Chicago's schedule include Denver this yr?

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  • Chicago's schedule include Denver this yr?

    Anyone know?

    It occurred to me that if the Bears & Cutler have Denver on their schedule it could be a Payback's a ***** game.

    At last report Cutler left Denver in a state of pissoff & I think it could persist well into the 09 season.

    He's still about a 400% improvement over Grossman though, who is living proof that Florida QBs carry the Gators Curse into the NFL. And just for giggles, he's about a 150% improvement over Orton.

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    nope, not for another 2 years.

    ^Thanks to Eaglez.Fan for the sweet sig!


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      We'll play them in preseason week 3, which is the preseason game where teams line up their starting players for one half, meaning that Cutler will definitely play there. As for regular season games the current schedule runs out after 2009, so it's pretty much up in the air what kind of schedule we'll have after that. Could be that they'll limit inter-conference games...


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        Does Denver have the D to stop Cutler? I dont think so.


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          The Bears will play at Denver in 2011.



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