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    "If you have a 3rd and long, call a WR Screen."
    "If you have a 4th and goal, try a FB dive."
    "Try to shuffle your OLine as much as possible, it strengthens the chemistry between everyone"
    "If your QB likes a WR on your roster since Training camp, don't let him start till Week 13 so he can get as much practice on the 2nd squad to sharpen his skills."
    "If a trick play worked once, it will work every single time you try it."
    "Run Blocking is overrated."
    "Running is okay when your QB is actually winning your game. If your QB is doing really bad, try to let him throw with maybe 2 WRs against 7 people in coverage."
    "Your WR that has about 6 career catches will be awesome against Charles Woodson."
    "If your LT gets beat by the best DEs, dont try to give him help, he will be insulted and play worse."

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    these are some words of wisdom.


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      4th and goal from the 1, throw a fade to Greg Olsen.



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