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    Bears need a lot of help on the line. Cutler cannot prove that he's good, because he's always on the run.

    Andrew Tyshovnytsky is a hidden gem, who is slowly catching headlines. He's a 6'4", 317 lb OL, who played Tackle at Fordham, but can play any position on the line. He's very athletic. He runs 4.8-4.9 40 yd dash and ran a 4.83 at a ProDay over the weekend (which would have been the fastest in the NFL combine), and he runs it like he's 180 lbs. He bench presses over 525 lbs, and did 225 37 times(which would have been top 3 in the NFL combine),. His Broad Jump, which is scrutinized by scouts, was 9'2" which would have been (top 5 in the NFL combine)

    He's nimble and has done his position drills and agilitly drills very well. He's smart (business major at Fordham) and a soldier and he was 1st team all conference. He would be a STEAL in the 5th round.

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    Originally posted by DraftDog View Post
    and ran a 4.83 at a ProDay over the weekend
    Nope. 4.93 and 4.94 were his two runs.

    ...and it wasn't over the weekend. It was two weeks ago.

    and he runs it like he's 180 lbs.
    This makes no sense. It literally means nothing.

    and did 225 37 times
    Nope. 33.

    He's smart (business major at Fordham)
    That doesn't mean he's smart.

    and a soldier
    It's just as ridiculous to say this about him as it was for Kellen Winslow to say it about himself. He is not and never has been a soldier of any kind.

    and he was 1st team all conference.
    You know what's awesome about the ECAC? You can look down a list of the teams and realize that you never even knew that all but two of the schools in it had a football team. I'm pretty glad he beat out the tackle from football powerhouse Central Connecticut State, though.

    he would be a STEAL in the 5th round.
    Or we could just sign him off the street as a camp body the day after the draft instead.

    Helpful hint: don't get your pro day numbers from the propaganda press releases the university puts out. Otherwise, I'm sure everyone from USC is 7 feet tall and runs a sub-3 forty.

    Kind of funny that your only other post on this site is a copy of this with all references to the Bears changed to the Buccaneers. Are you Andrew's mother fishing for compliments on your baby boy?
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