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Alfonso Boone and Ian Scott?

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  • Alfonso Boone and Ian Scott?

    Can I please get some info on these two guys?

    It looks like for Boone it has came down to Denver and KC Boone is in KC right now and wants to get a deal worked out.

    Ian Scott left Denver with out a deal and KC wants to talk to him from what I have heard and understand Boone is trying to get him to come to KC as well I guess they have been talking by phone and would like to go to the same team.

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    Both would probably start on the Chiefs, but I'm not sure that says much. Same as I said before, both are good clog players. I actually prefer Boone to Scott, although Scott is much younger. Something about Boone makes me think that if he was a starter fulltime he'd be pretty solid. With Scott, what you see is what you get.

    It's nothing to get excited about with either guy, but if they can just manage to keep the lineman generally off your linebackers that would be an improvement.

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      Thank you.


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        I actually think Ian Scott has been the most underrated player on the Bears defense the past couple of seasons. He's not the guy who's you're going to notice every play, but he's a solid run stuffer and has great instinct when it comes to batting down passes. He's about an average starter in the league and a great guy to add to the rotation.

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          Alfonso Boone is now a Chief four year deal.



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