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    "Before the Bears' three-day mini cap that concluded sunday, holdout lance briggs basically urged stand-in weak-side linebacker jamar williams to take his job. Please. "I spoke with briggs a couple of weeks ago," Williams said on sunday. "i told him, 'You gotta do what you gotta do.' He said, 'Go and show them I'm replaceable.'"


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    Well it's not going to do Lance much good. He burned bridges already, and I'm going to go out on a lim and say it's about a 95% chance he'll be back next season. So Lance, either play and earn your $7 million, or sit and earn nothing. It's that simple.

    Like I said earlier, the way Alex is handling his potential trade situation is the way to do it. Go to management and see if he can see a trade, JA is a hardass but he also cares about his players and is willing to work things out. Don't go through the ******* media and basically disgrace the organization (not to say I don't blame him though). If Lance goes to JA face to face and voices his displeasure, this is a whole different situation.

    But as they say, you make your bed you lie in it.

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    Originally posted by JBCX
    Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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      I think Briggs wants Jamar to do well in camp so he can get a trade before preseason is over so I would say self-serving.

      However if Jamar or Okwo step in and play well during the season it lowers Briggs value dramatically and reinforces the impression that Briggs is just a product of the system. I think if a trade doesn't get done and the replacement linebackers don't look completely lost in training camp, we will see Briggs dressed for the first game.


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        Millions of peaches...peaches for me....millions of peaches....peaches for free.

        Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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          Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
          Millions of peaches...peaches for me....millions of peaches....peaches for free.
          Peaches come from a can they were put there by a man on a factory downtown

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          Originally posted by Smokey Joe
          I don't care...


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            If I had my little way I'd eat peaches everday.

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