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Lewis releases pre-camp depth chart

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  • Lewis releases pre-camp depth chart


    some surprises/good things include:
    Stacey Andrews is listed ahead of Whitworth @ Left Guard
    Robert Geathers isn't starting AGAIN.
    Domata Peko is listed as the starter @ DT alongside JT.
    Leon Hall is backing up Deltha O'Neal.
    Edgerton Hartwell is listed as Landon Johnson's backup.
    Marvin White is backing up DJACK at SS
    Tim Day is listed as the 2nd TE.

    There you go.

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    I fully expect Whitworth to be starting by the begining of the season or maybe Andrews will finally show the talent Marvin thought he had. Hall makes sense because he is a rookie. He will start by game 1 or 2 probably. Geathers will start soon into camp. Hartwell will takeover soon enough. Marvin White will F' some ppl up in preseason and camp and be #1 soon.
    TE on our offense is a lost cause. I say just put Whitworth at TE. They block most the time

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      Nice. I almost wish they would just start Whitworth at LG (if Levi is ready at LT) and have Andrews as depth. If Andrews starts this year I doubt we would re-sign him given the deal he would get if he plays as I think he would. It'd be nice if he didn't have to play because the line was healthy and next year sign him to a 3 year deal or so then put him as the starting RG.

      I'd really like to think Frostee will be the run down LE after training camp given how highly Marvin picked him. No idea why Geathers wouldn't start, he's amazing when the other team runs cutbacks at getting in front of the RB.

      Peko at NT was a given, he's a beast. Day doesn't surprise me either, I don't think he'll be that bad.

      I will be THRILLED to see the day when Thornton and Robinson don't have to start. I hope Marvin White will start eventually this year, he's easily my #2 favorite player behind Ahmad at this point.

      I wish Odell was reinstated so we could see what position and how far back on the depth chart he is.



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