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    Originally posted by rickscott View Post
    maninblack, I have to wonder that if Dave Shula was here and Carson was the QB throwing to TJ and Chad, would we really be much worse? I know Marvin changed the attitude initially, but we have reverted back to "the Bungles" in many ways. I am encouraged that Marvin wants to "start over" and hopefully that will mean a stricter head coach that straightens out our WR corp's antics and kicks this defense in the ass. I am very encouraged by our present young DBs and some of our talent at other positions.
    i think the comment by chad about the WR's "antics" was well said. he was talking about LT and Philip Rivers arguing on the sidelines and how everyone says they are "getting the play straight". He went on to say that when they would do it this year it was made out to be a bad thing. I think in a lot of ways that is very true. I don't usually have a problem with the things our WR's(with the exception of henry's laziness and reluctance to go over the middle) do, im not saying they are perfect but i think we've got a lot more problems than our WRs. I agree the D needs a kick in the ass but i think its more a schematical thing than a personnel(player-wise) thing. Marvin has gone a bit soft but i think he realizes that and has been more strict this year(for off the field stuff at least). I just do not think getting a new head coach all over again is the answer to our problems. And as far as the Dave Shula comment I won't even go into the horror stories about what he used to allow. You think Marvin is soft you have no idea...

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