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Hue Jackson likely to Return

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  • Hue Jackson likely to Return

    I find this to be GREAT news. If it does work out, which it appears it will, I'm curious to see how they use him.

    It would make sense that it's preparing for if Zampese leaves, slide Sheppard over to QB coach where he once was and then put Jackson back with the WR's.

    I'm very glad to hear this, I was sad to see him go last year. I would hope that this time before he moves on again to another team we give him a shot at our OC job. Jackson I think could down the road be a solid HC.

    They've been saying when Carson said we needed coaching changes it might have been the WR coach because of an inability to keep those guys tame, which was something Jackson could do. Keeping Carson happy/not irritated should be priority #1, he's about the only sane one we have.
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    i wouldn't mind them grooming him to be our eventual OC.

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      garret to baltimore

      Some good news in the D-coordinator world. Garrett has been offered the Ravens head coaching position
      Marvin get your behind on that phone and get Ryan in for an interview.
      Hue coming back is good as WR coach.


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        We already announced Zimmer as our DC. We announced it today.



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