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    I think that this defense will be one of those defenses surprises. They've not done an overhaul.

    We have basically the same D-Line...
    We have a some question marks at LB...
    We have two young guys at safety....

    Based off the way this defense has been under Lewis, and with those point, everyone expects it to be bad...horrible even. But every year there is a defense that people expect to be bad, that manages to get it done.

    I don't think they'll be anything flashy. I don't think they'll be good enough to deserve a nickname. But I think this defense will be really good, for some reason. Hell, after 5 years, you're bound to have a good defense by accident, right?


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      if they are solid we have a great chance at the playoffs. if they are really good we have a chance at the superbowl.

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        Dont forget we have Mike Zimmer who made the Cowboys into a great defense


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          Plus Fitzgerald. He knows a thing or two about Linebackers.
          Doesn't matter if it is all fat, if he can move better covered in fat, more power to him. SAINTS-TIGERS

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