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    PtoTJ, that article makes me think it is even more likely to cut or trade Ocho soon. Very soon. PreDraft? or if not pre Draft I think we know what we are gonna do and then cut him after.

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      I would hate to see him just be cut. That would likely increase his likelihood to be snagged by an AFC rival. Then he could play against us and light us up and then brag about. It would be salt in the wounds for sure.

      Chad Johnson not get paid and leave? Heck no. He probably wants us to pay him more to leave. When we finally decide to get rid of him he will pack sit in the locker room and demand 10 million dollars or he will sit their all season and cause trouble.

      Quote from CJ after he is traded.

      "I never told anyone I wanted to be traded. I don't know where everyone got that from. I never told Marvin (Lewis) once that I wouldn't show up. I just want to come on ESPN here one more time and make it all clear"

      "Is there anything else you want to say CHad?"

      "About what?"

      "Anything? Is there anything else you want to say?"

      "I don't understand, About what?"


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        There is no way the Bengals just cut Chad. Yes, the cap hit could be spread to the 2009 season, but they get NOTHING in return. NOTHING ?? Does anyone here really think Mike Brown is going to let Chad (5 straight pro bowls) go for NOTHING ?? IF this happens, I see a draft day kind of thing going on or at a minimum, before the June cuts after the draft.

        There are other ways to absorb the cap hit the Bengals would surely take, but I'm not supremely confident that anyone in the Bengals front office is willing to make those types of moves. Cutting players doesn't seem to be the way to build a better franchise either...

        Oh yeah, I sent my Chad Johnson Jersey to the address on his website for fan mail with a letter attached telling him to go "F" himself and a few choice words spray painted on the jersey...



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