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  • Odell Reinstated

    It's about damn time.

    He's over playing weight so he'll need to really focus on that here shortly, shouldn't be much of a problem.

    It'll be interesting to see how things play out on the depth chart. I'd like to see them just go ahead and move Ahmad to the outside. Odell is a MLB, Ahmad is just about anything you want him to be. Plus you've got injury concerns involved with Ahmad and we have more depth at SLB because Jeanty/Henderson could be brought in... He could even slide to WLB with Jones as the backup.

    Brooks/Thurman/Ndukwe/Joseph/Hall/Geathers/Peko and Ellis (PLLLEEEEASSSEEE!!!!) would be a VERY stout young group of defenders. All kinds of talent under 26, we could be building a good defense... Go figure.

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    I think moving Brooks to WLB would make you guys much better. Assuming Odell goes in the middle. Stay in a 4-3. Get David Pollack back as a situation pass rusher and you guys have a nice base. Any word on Pollack?


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      The thing about Pollack is he wants to move to DE and I dob't see him being that great there.

      But yes, our defense is so young and its a lot of tremendous talent. We have JJ & Hall playing CB, Ndukwe playing safety, Odell / Brooks playing linebacker, Antwan Odom / Geathers / Peko (and hopefully Ellis) on the line. My only problem with Marvin building our defense is he let Landon Johnson go. He was a very consistent player that lead our team in tackles many years.

      I'm so excited if we get Ellis and Odell gets playing to football shape!


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        Getting Ellis is just so important for us. It's the absolute biggest need on the team in two forms, a solid DT next to Peko and just as important a guy that can rush the passer from the middle or at least disrupt unlike what we have had.

        It's odd to hinge a seasons hope on your first round draft pick but I think that's really the case with us. A monster like Ellis helps free up our athletic beasts in Odell and Ahmad.

        Pollack still hasn't made a decision, if he does come back it'll be as a situational pass rusher as you said but I'm not sure if that would include from SLB. We have Eric Henderson who can pass rush from the outside at SLB if needed so I think Pollack may be best situated at DE on third down... That's where he did his damage as a rookie, never got to the QB from LB.

        In terms of our depth/roster setup it would be best to move Ahmad to WLB. Jeanty is a solid SLB, nothing spectacular but he is good in run defense. Just gets little injuries but I think Eric Henderson can be solid depth in the event he is injured. Plus I'm sure on one of our first 3 round picks LB will be addressed.

        Odell is having money troubles apparently so lets just say he's motivated to keep clean...


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          Glad to see this FINALLY happen. I just hope for Odell's sake that hes got his head on right this time around. He should be back to form soon enough, and wreaking havoc on NFL offenses once again. He should definitely be our MLB with Brooks moving to either OLB spot. I think that could also depend upon who we draft. If we get Rivers or another guy who we feel confident enough to start from day one he should be our SLB but if we don't get something like that I could see him at WLB. He'd be a monster WLB though.

          Speaking of Eric Henderson, Am I the only one who has a lot of hope for this kid? he seems like he could eventually be a starter/integral role player on this team.

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            That makes two of us. Worse case scenario he's solid depth.


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              i honestly dont think its the end of the world if we dont get ellis. i mean yeah.. it would be awesome but if hes taken and, lets say, rivers is there... i think we should take him. rivers could be a great olb for us. esp if brooks moves to olb. if rivers were to start (which he very well could) our linebacking core would be outstanding. not to mention the depth we would have at the position. thurman's reinstatement is probably the best news the bengals have got in a long time, and brings tons of relief in the midst of this ******** with chad.


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                Well said. I'd still prefer Ellis by far over anyone but Rivers would be a good pick as he would sure up (on paper anyway) our LB core.

                It's just that you can find solid LB's in the 2nd/3rd round range but those big time impact DT's are hard to come by.

                I'll be the first to say I wish we were a defensive/running minded team but with the weapons we have at WR/QB it's just not going to happen. You have to at least be 50/50 pass:run when you've got a QB like Carson.


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                  Rivers, to me at least, just has that IT factor about him that makes him far and away the best LBer in this class(along with his skills/athletic ability of course). He could be really special, maybe even more so than Ellis but when you compare the need at each position it is very clear that we must draft Ellis if he is available at that position and I'm not arguing against that. It's just that I'd be equally happy with either of them, essentially.
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                    This is great news! I am glad to see Odell is finally back! I had figured ever since he was allowed back to training he would be allowed back in football. It was only a matter of time. I just hope he gets back on where he left off.

                    All we need is Ellis and we are set. Then gain some Line Depth or Linebacker depth in the second and things for the defense will be looking better than I have ever seen it!


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                      i didnt mean that if ellis is there we should pass on him. hell no we shouldnt. DL is one of our chief concerns right now and he would be outstanding. it just sounded like everyone was making ellis seem like the saving grace of the bengals. like if we got him we would be instantly much better and if we dont.. we wont. i merely attempted to point out that not getting ellis is not the end of the world. i do agree though that solid d lineman are hard to find in the later rounds. im sure whatever we do in the draft will work out just fine and im excited to see how it unfolds


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                        I would hate to think of Odell as anything more than depth at this point in time. Yes, we can always hope he's at the form he was in 2005, but in all honesty, what are the chances of that being the case ?? Here's to hoping he's a beast and he beats the odds !!!

                        As for Pollack, I can't see him coming back and the longer it takes to hear word on him, the less the chance he comes back to play in my opinion. IF he does, he would like to move back to DE and I believe he would be fine there. I was NOT in favor of the Bengals moving him to LB when he was drafted to start with. Pollack was the best D-linemen in college when he was drafted and we made the decision to move him to LB when we play a 4-3. It just didn't make sense at all, unless we were making the move to a 3-4, which never happened. Injuries are a b*tch !!!

                        I also agree that the drafting of Ellis would be a HUGE impact for this defense and the LB corps in general. Not to mention the fact we paid Odom a bunch of money to be that pass rusher we so desperately NEED and he had BIG men on the line with the Titans. I honestly feel that the inability to improve our D-line has been the biggest issue since Marvin has taken over this team. Here's to hoping to see that problem addressed on day one !!!



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