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    I just felt like we needed a new thread and thought this would make for some good conversation (for a little while at least)...

    They currently have the Bengals at #25. #25 ?? I'm thinking this is WAAAAY to low. I am more than willing to admit the Bengals had their fair share of issues on both sides of the ball last season, but there were a TON of injuries and we have filled some holes this offseason. In looking at the teams ahead of us, I can honestly say that the Bengals could be placed anywhere from where they are at #25 to as high as #14. I'm not going to go crazy and say they should be in the top #5, but #25 ?? I have to disagree...

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    I'd rather it be this way. No one believes in us and hopefully this team can prove everyone wrong.

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      People, even analyst, are buying into that the Bengals are nothing without Chad Johnson. They pretty much are saying our season is over just because of Chad. I guess they just dont realize that with a QB like Palmer anything could happen with young receivers. Not having Chad isn't the end of the world.

      Last year we had an Oline injured all to hell. Our Runningbacks were all injured. Our linebackers were so depleted we were picking them off the streets... and we still managed to finish 7-9. With a healthy Oline, healthy RB, healthy Linebackers...and a new 1st round linebacker...I would think we would only be getting better.

      But I guess playing from behind will give our Bengals something to aim for and prove everyone wrong!


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        LOL after hearing so little out of that obnoxious WR (thank god) I'm starting to wonder what'll even come of him. Looks like his little plan didn't work, bravo Marvin.

        When I saw this thread I was thinking #19. Don't surprise me, for a media guy it's basically safer to say we'll flop. This team could easily go in two very different situations.


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          I agree with hoping people continue to overlook the Bengals. It really suprises me to tell you the truth. Injuries were HUGE last year and we would be ok without Chad if our o-line stay healthy and gives Carson the protection he needs to find his receivers, regardless of how young they are. I just don't see how EVERYONE has us in the cellar this year. I can't wait !!!



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