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Goodbye Doug Gabriel, We hardly knew ye!

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  • Goodbye Doug Gabriel, We hardly knew ye!

    As of today...the Bengals released WR Doug Gabriel. Apparently with their new additions in the draft plus the emergence of Maxwell and Holt performing really well in voluntaries, they decided there was know need for Gabriel. Maybe Gabriel will be sitting out another year away from the NFL.

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    We were loaded on WR's. With 3 from the draft, Maxwell & holt we're looking at 5 sitting behind TJ and hopefully (or at least I'm hoping) Chad. There just wasn't much room for a receiver here.

    Also, I'm thinking we're going to line up two TE's so often this year, the last guy on the depth chart may never see the field (at least not with the offense).


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      I think Gabriel was simply signed as a just in case player. He was signed before the draft so he was their in case we didnt get what we needed in the draft. Apparently Lewis really likes what he sees in Maxwell.

      Im still under the personal belief that Chad wont be here after June. I think he will be traded away. It has been too quiet lately. At least I hope he gets traded off in June....


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        Maxwell and Holt stepped up so he's pretty expendable, on a roster with quite a few of them.

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          I was interested to see what would happen with him. Didn't expect much but you never know.


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            Seeing the way they drafted, this move could have been made a month ago. Not a big deal...



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