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  • Things I like to see!

    This was part of an article recently on the website. This quote from it struck me as a great ray of hope for the team. It shows players are really stepping up and being leaders.

    Jerome Simpson is the future. One of the more lasting images of the OTA came after practice officially ended and a majority of the players headed for the locker room. With the quarterbacks off to the side mugging it up for the NFL Network, the only other players remaining on the field were Simpson and Marcus Maxwell - the latter working personally with the rookie. After wrapping up his obligation with Solomon Wilcots and crew, Carson Palmer walked over to work with Jerome as well. The franchise quarterback and the second-round pick from Coastal Carolina were the last two players off the field. One could see that Simpson was a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge Carson was willing to share as they strolled from midfield across the street and into the stadium.

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    Isn't that beautiful.

    If he could become our #1 (Chad out of the picture of course), that would be awesome. Simpson seems like a Marvin Harrison sort (less the shooting of course). That's what I like most about him, it's also why I can't stand Urrutia... He's the opposite of Simpson.

    If he's dedicated, with #9 throwing to him and the dedication to keeping the Oline together... Simpson could put up some awesome numbers.


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      I love Jerome Simpson the more and more I hear about him. When we first drafted him I was a little confused because I never heard of him. But after searching the internet for all the information I could get I quickly decided I was happy with the pick.

      And now I hear even more good news :). I hope he comes in and shows that he was worth the pick right away - maybe playing out of the slot Carson can get him for 5-6 rookie TD's to start his career.


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        I think his rookie season wont be the most fruitful. The Bengals believe he will be a stud in his 2nd or 3rd year. Caldwell is the Rookie receiver the Bengals believe will be able to get the most production in his first year. This however doesnt mean Simpson wont jump out of the gates running. This kid is trying hard. He wants to be a stud and he wants to help the team. This is the exact kinda character Receiver we needed. This kid has manners and he knows that just because he was picked in the second round before some big name receivers, doesn't mean that he is livin' on easy street. He is going to be a work horse.

        I lvoe how Carson is also helping the kid learn. Carson is a great QB, and now is is becoming a great team leader. He wants these kids to do great because he knows if they are better, then he is better, and the team is better.

        The biggest surprise to me in that quote was that Maxwell is stepping up in a big way. He and Chatman are the most Veteran receivers we have at training camp and Maxwell is trying to earn his spot and I think he might get it. Maxwell is impressing coaches on the practice field and he is impressing them afterwards by helping young receivers out. Maxwell hasn't had much actual playtime in games but he does know a little bit about the game =). I believe that anything any good advice a pro receiver can pass down to a rookie is great.

        This is another reason why I don't like CJ. If CJ really wanted the team to win, and his complaining wasnt about the cash, then he would be here at training camp and working out with Carson and trying to teach the Rookies how to play in the Big Leagues.


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          The stuff I have been reading about him from the dayton daily news has been very encouraging. He's very confident and he's got that want to that is a must for a player like himself. Seeing things like this make me think that this pick could be one of the bigger steals of the draft. He has very rare measurables and the only thing that would stop him from being a very good WR is his lack of experience. He is doing what he needs to be doing by all accounts to learn his position and I for one am already convinced that he will succeed. May not be right away but he will be worthy of his selection at least.

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            Since we already have another Simpson thread going, I will tweak this thread title in another direction... "Things I WOULD like to see"

            #1. A defense in the upper half of the league. It doesn't have to be top 5, but that would be nice as well. Just top 15 would suffice...

            #2. A running game that actually keeps drives alive instead of having them blown up in the backfield...

            #3. An o-line that can continue to keep Carson off of his back and open up some lanes for the runners.

            #4. A LB corps made of of starters instead of street free agents and no names.

            #5. Redzone efficiency being back where it was in 2005.

            #6. A d-line that doesn't get ran the f*ck over !!!

            #7. A playoff win and God willing, Super Bowl victory !!!


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              well this thread was not a "Jerome Simpson" Thread it was a thread about how Carson Palmer was working with Simpson after practice and such. It was related to that article that was posted.


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                I was just trying to keep it alive, that's all... Carson, Simpson, just another approach...


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                  Originally posted by BengalMedic View Post
                  I was just trying to keep it alive, that's all... Carson, Simpson, just another approach...
                  I know m8 its all good. I am pretty happy about the Bengal situation this year. I am liking what I see. It seems alot of people are stepping up!


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                    Cool... I'm liking the way things are going up to this point as well and am excited to get the season started. I think the Bengals are going to suprise more than a handful of teams this season !!!



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