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    Lienart couldn't hold Carson's jock... I mean look at those WR's they have there and he can't make it happen ?? There is a word for that... BUST !!! Carson is the man...


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      Originally posted by BengalMedic View Post
      Wow, quite the direction this thread went in... However, Carson proved all the critics completely wrong when he was coming out of USC and the supposed knock on him was his lack of leadership abilities. He may be a little quiet and reserved at times, but there is no question when it comes to who the leader of this team is.

      Regardless of the outcome of the team, Carson is still one of the top 5 QB's in the league...
      I think that whole leadership talk was just fluff used to by analysts. If they didn't say Carson was bad at something they would all be sitting around saying "oh yah he's perfect in every way" which is boring and people don't want to hear that.


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        I don't know. Every football write up you saw about Carson included the opinion that he would probably never develop into the leader of the offense of whatever team drafted him. I suppose you could find people that disagreed with that opinion when he was coming out of USC, but bottomline for me is, he's turned into a great leader and great QB for us.

        Here's to hoping we see another pro bowl type year from Carson and hopefully another trip to the playoffs and beyond...



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