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    Originally posted by BengalMedic View Post
    I didn't mention it, because it's a no brainer... I still can't believe people are so blind to what's actually going on with Chad.

    Don't get me wrong, I have ALWAYS been a fan of Chad. He's one of the players I have a jersey for and always have defended him to people when they made the T.O. reference. But what he's doing now is right along those lines.

    Watch the video again. Did you see how he reacted when asked if he "wanted" to be in Cincinnati ?? He squirmed around in his seat, grabbed his face, and then said yes. The problem is, he followed that with, "I ain't got no choice".

    So which is it ?? Yes he wants to be here or no, but he doesn't have a choice, so here he is ?? He also says he might be crazy, but he's not stupid in regards to not showing up. Why is that ?? MONEY. Nothing more...

    I have already mentioned I agree with his statement of the Bengals needing to commit to winning. Who hasn't ?? But Chad is not happy about still being in Cincinnati and if by some chance there was a trade made prior to camp starting, he would be the happiest WR in the league. I've got three words for that...

    F*CK YOU CHAD !!!

    ditto, CHad lost my respect. I dont care how great of a season he will have I will still not respect him.


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      Oh, I hope Chad has a great season for the purpose that it not only means the Bengals will do better from that standpoint, but it will only increase his value for a trade at the end of the season, as this will surely come up again minus the Bengals winning a Super Bowl.

      Couple that with the organization being able to better absorb the salary cap hit in trading him and this just might work out pretty well after all !!!


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        Did anyone see the interview that Clinton Portis did with Chad over the phone on NFL network? I swear Clinton Portis is the next coming of Emmit Smith..not on the football field though.


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          I watched that as well. It's posted on the official site. I was thinking the same thing about Portis. Where the hell did he learn how to speak ?? I swear I felt like I needed an interpreter to understand him. Bullsh*t interview in my opinion anyway.


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            yea it was pretty bullsh*t. NFL players shouldnt get a job broadcasting just because they are NFL players...its pitiful.


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              Yeah, Emmitt Smith comes to mind along with Keyshawn Johnson...



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