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  • 2009 Free Agency Thread

    It has begun.

    We're apparently making a push at signing TJ, doubtful it happens however nice to have some optimism on the topic.

    Eagles showing interest in Andrews.

    Benson, you better stay here.

    PFT is down, more updates to come I guess, should be interesting.

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    Surprised at the TJ late run? I had moved on from him because there was no way of us being competitive with the other teams vying for this popular FA. Perhaps all the signals coming from Lewis on how important TJ is to him/team is translating into something. My prediction if its not completed real soon the lower the chances that he will be a Bengal.

    Agree Benson is important signing we need to close

    Hopeful we will do something on OL


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      Andrews is off to the Eagles barring a physical


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        Unfortunate to see Andrews go but I think we were all pretty much expecting that.

        Looks like Derrick Ward is coming in for a visit per That could be a nice add.

        The Bengals also resigned Chris Crocker to a four year deal.
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          Crocker was surprising last season, glad to have him back.

          Ward is interesting, even if we re-sign Benson there's still no one else capable of a whole lot. I still think Perry can do something running the ball but it won't take away his fumblitis.

          Saw somewhere I think Landon had to take a pay cut to stay in Carolina. Not surprising, he's a great backup but I don't want him as my starter going into the season.

          EDIT: Looks like the Eagles signed Andrews to play RT. I think that's a mistake, the only reason I wanted him back was for RG.
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            I'm not liking the idea of Ward being our featured back. Now if we went with a Benson/Ward combo, that would be pretty awesome.

            Looks like TJ is being humbled. According to reports that I've seen, the interest in him isn't what he was expecting. Nor is the money. Who knows, maybe he reup's here for less than we thought and he plays with an angry chip on his shoulder.

            Other than that there doesn't appear to be many free agents left that would step right in and help. We got Crocker back, they're trying to address RB, and I'm sure they'll look at a backup QB. But, for now, looks like we'll have to address the offensive line in the draft.


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              I think that TJ mentioned he wants to make a decision sooner rather than later, so well see how this plays out with our chances of resigning him.

              Haven't seen them bringing anyone in yet to address OL so agree this will be our main focus in draft.

              The Benson/Ward combo would be ideal for me, however, not sure if this is in the Bengals plans. Most likely a either/or scenerio.

              About Kitna as CP backup if he becomes available? Seen reports that Detroit may move on from him. He knows our system and is good buddies with CP. He would be a real solid backup which is needed for this team.


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                Yeah TJ wants to be on a team by Saturday. I would love Kitna back as backup, he is a solid locker room guy and has experience.

                How much cap room do we have? I know we have about 5 million in tenders but I thought we have somewhere in the 30 million dollar range free.


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                  I'm all for Kitna if he is released. I'd just assume have a veteran.

                  I agree on only being for Ward IF Benson is signed as well.

                  I'm starting to like our chances with TJ. Given Philly has bowed out (allegedly anyway), he visited Seattle and is going to Minnesota (who is going to get you the ball TJ?).

                  There's not a huge demand for him. He's not getting much love from the teams he wanted and other teams aren't sure what to expect from him as a #1 type guy. We know what to expect.

                  Not sure on cap room to be honest, not too concerned though because you know we won't use it all (thanks Mikey).


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                    If we can come out of this with Benson or Ward along with TJ, that would be more than I ever expected. They do however have to find a quality QB somewhere.


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                      We really need to look at some of the Centers available. Birk would be a great addition.

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                        Starting to look like TJ is heading to Minnesota.


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                          Birk is not even looking to go anywhere else he will stay with the vikings Brown was are best chance at getting a starting C in FA now we are going to have to take a center 1st day

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                            I think think Ward would be HUGE to sign. He is a big play guy that we need.
                            I hope we can also land some help at DE and make it less of a priority and we can focus on the O-Line early and confidently without having to decide between a pass rusher or lineman early. Then take a project guy later on.

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                              Along with no real starting RB, just thought I'd remind everyone that Jordan Palmer is our backup QB. Eh, I'm sure someone will come up eventually to backup.



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