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    This is a great signing for us. Should remove BJ Raji from our radar. Andre Smith is looking like a better and better pick every day (assuming we stay at 6). Johnson could be a big time player for us IMO when used right.

    The Twitters


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      Concur that our DT is now set. Like the Tank signing, cautiously optimistic about our D line improving, we just can't afford any character problems from him or have him negatively influence the team (Henry). We've been under the radar and lets stay that way.

      OT with or without a trade down is the clear choice. I think the only thing that would shake this up would be a Chad trade. From what I've been reading on the rumor mill is a 2nd rounder for Chad's trade value, if so, I'm not sure if this is the right move for us? If we can get a 1st pick yes. I am not sure what Mike Brown is thinking but it would be nice to see the old dominating Chad-Palmer hook up for 1 more season. Him not showing up for workouts might of set the cast for his departure.



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