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  • Defense for '09

    Gotta admit, I'm pretty excited about it. To be honest, I think the defense could be our better unit even with a healthy Carson on offense.

    My depth chart for now...

    CB - Leon Hall
    SS - Chinedum Ndukwe
    FS - Chris Crocker
    CB - Jonathan Joseph

    WLB - Keith Rivers
    MLB - Rey Maualuga
    SLB - Dhani Jones

    DE - Robert Geathers
    UT - Pat Sims
    NT - Domata Peko
    DE - Antwan Odom

    Key backups
    DT - Tank Johnson
    DE - Michael Johnson
    FS - Marvin White
    LB - Brandon Johnson
    CB - David Jones

    I think Crocker will start over White but they'll both see plenty of time. I also think there will be a battle over the UT spot, FitzGerald is high on Tank Johnson. He said "What helps Keith most is Tank".

    I think Rivers, Dhani and Rey will be our starting LB core. Just not sure if Jones goes to SLB or stays in the middle. The guy has been around so I'm sure there will be a very short adjusting period. Ultimately I think it's best if Rey starts in the middle from the start with Dhani making the calls but playing at SLB.

    Our secondary was very solid last year, if JJ is healthy... Look out. Chinny is IMO the best playmaker on the entire team. Our depth at safety is very solid, I still wouldn't doubt us signing Roy Williams.

    Tank/Michael Johnson/Sims should help us a great deal on passing downs now. I'd say Peko sits in obvious passing situations while Tank and Sims are sent after the QB. I also loved the way Zimmer sends the safeties after the QB.

    Seriously, it's a miracle the defense did as well as it did last year. We just got destroyed in time of possession and got run all over in the 2nd half of games. Granted, if we can get out front in games again we'll really start to see what our secondary is made of.

    Overall I'm very happy with the talent of our defense. I think Zimmer has instilled confidence in them and they're really going to be aggressive next year. They only got more experienced and added two players who should help this year. I'm also very happy with our depth, the only exception is our lack of CB's.

    I'm looking forward to this season.

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    I think Micheal Johnson will be a huge situational pass rusher. Tank will be similar for the inside. Looking at the defense on it one tough defense.


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      I'm thinkin Luga is gonna play SLB this year to start out but I could be wrong.

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        Man! This defense (on paper) looks amazing! I can't wait!

        I like Dhani in the middle still. I'm just more comfortable with him making the calls than a rookie. I would then either move Rey to SAM or have him be the backup MIKE. (But a backup that still gets lots of snaps)


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          They were playing Rey at both MLB and SLB in the first practice.

          I'm slowly getting away from my idea that he will start at MLB. I'm hoping they groom Brandon Johnson at SLB as well.


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            Thats a nice young corps for the future with Rivers, Maualuga, and Brandon Johnson. Should be fun to watch.

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              Originally posted by StripedWalrus View Post
              I think Micheal Johnson will be a huge situational pass rusher. Tank will be similar for the inside. Looking at the defense on it one tough defense.
              I think Johnson will inherit the Joker role that Pollack had while he was here.

              Coach Lewis might have found his Peter Boulware.
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                Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post
                I think Johnson will inherit the Joker role that Pollack had while he was here.

                Coach Lewis might have found his Peter Boulware.
                Joker role?

                RIP ST


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                  PalmerToCJ summed it up well. This will be a totally different team this year with Palmer back. We know that our offense will score more points than last year and how much will dictate what our defense will see. Its important for us to be able to stop the run as the Steelers and others will test our rush defense to see how stout they are, and as everyone knows we have been soft in this area. So even though our stated goal was to improve our rush defense this off season - and I believe we have with adding Tank and M. Johnson throwing in a healthy Odom, we did this while getting better on rush D with the Rey pick. I think our secondary is sound or better than average. Sum it up this has me excited and I feel these additions puts in a position to not only improve on our Defense from last year but really compete against Pitts/Balt.


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                    I'm happy with how I think the run defense will be next year for sure.

                    I do definitely have one worry on defense. I'm concerned that with us not trailing the entire game, the secondary could experience more troubles. They did their job last year but given how much we trailed, we didn't get thrown on a lot. A lot of teams that are awful on offense can end up with defenses ranked higher than they should be because the total yardage isn't there due to the lack of passing on them.

                    With that said, I think we'll be fine. However, if the pass rush continues to struggle then the secondary could experience some troubles. If Joseph can stay healthy, I'm much less concerned about it.


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                      I understand the concern, but I think that our pass rush will be much improved with the additions of Tank, M. Johnson, and company. Hopefully, Odom can stay healthy and the DTs can provide help up the middle to aid our DEs. If our pass rush is the same as it was last year, start getting worried.

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                        I doubt Johnson will be making a switch to SLB anytime soon but I'm sure he'll allow for our defense to cause some confusion at times.

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                          I am really hyped this season for the defense. Its a rare thing to say about the Bengals. I am really looking forward to this season more so than any other.


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                            Chick Ludwig (who is the man) thinks Tank will start at UT. Seems to make sense given what the coaching staff has said.

                            I hope they find a way to get Brandon Johnson on the field. He was an absolute monster last year, didn't lose a step after Rivers got hurt and that's no rip on Rivers.

                            The best part about this year is that I'm not disappointed by any of the starters. It always bothered me going into the year that DJax, Tory James, Landon Johnson, Thornton and guys like that were our starters. I have no problem with them as depth it was just painful to know they had to start.

                            I would be plenty happy with some of the guys that will sit the bench starting (Johnson, White, Sims). To be honest, I'll look more forward to watching the defense play this year than the offense.

                            Anyway, here's Chick's article... He's as excited as we are.



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                              I wouldn't be surprised if Tank started either but I really think theres going to be a ton of moving around at DT this year so it won't really matter who the actual starter is. Tank is definitely more acclimated than Sims and I'm curious to see him back in a 4-3. Regardless, Sims, Peko, and Tank will all probably share the PT quite equally. I hope we see a little bit more of Jason Shirley as well.

                              I actually kind of disagree with Chick's take on what happens at LB in nickel situations. I would rather see Johnson and Rivers on the field at that time than Johnson and Maualuga. Its not really that I don't think Rey can thrive in that situation its just that Rivers and Johnson seem to be the best option in Nickel with Johnson being the sole LB in Dime.

                              I also don't think there is really going to be any competition as to who is our SS. Ndukwe has completely solidified that position IMO and I could actually see him making the Pro Bowl. Kyries Herbert is a capable backup/special teamer in his own right though.
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