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  • Offense for '09

    Well, did the defense already so lets get going on the offense.

    QB - Carson Palmer
    RB - Cedric Benson
    FB - Fui Vakapuna
    WR - Chad Johnson
    WR - Laverneus Coles
    WR - Andre Caldwell
    TE - Ben Utecht

    LT - Anthony Collins
    LG - Andrew Whitworth
    C - Jonathan Luigs
    RG - Bobbie Williams
    RT - Andre Smith

    Key Backups
    WR - Chris Henry
    RB - Bernard Scott
    RB - DeDe Dorsey
    TE - Reggie Kelly
    OG - Nate Livings

    Inevitably, I think Levi Jones will be cut. I also think Andre Smith winds up at RT simply because we don't have anyone else to put there really. I'm confident with Collins at LT. Luigs simply has to win the starting job at Center, if he isn't good enough to win it we're in trouble.

    I think Bernard Scott is a shoe-in for the backup RB spot IMO. There is no sense in drafting a RB of his age and character concerns if you don't think he can contribute immediately. DeDe I think also makes the cut due to his change of pace ability.

    At FB, we really need production. The staff seems to be in love with Vakapuna and given Jeremi Johnson's troubles/injury last year... I feel like he'll get cut. I hope I'm wrong, a productive Johnson would be a big boost to the offense. Hopefully he hits camp ready to play and produce.

    The offense (like any other really) will hinge on the production of our young tackles. Chad and Carson really rack up the yards and TD's on those deep passes but that wasn't really an option last year. I'm hoping the use of a TE will help to take some of those 3rd down short yardage catches TJ was famous for. The run game doesn't have to be amazing. It would be nice to see Benson at around 4.0 YPC and have someone step in as the #2 guy and produce as well.

    I find myself being pessimistic in regards to the offense. A lot of uncertainty there but I could definitely see it being productive again. Obviously it won't be as bad as it was last year. Carson needs to stay healthy and protect the ball.

    I think with hopefully better protection, we'll see more 4 WR sets. CJ, Coles, Caldwell and Henry would provide a nice array of weapons on the field at the same time. Keep hearing a lot about Simpson but given how last year went, I don't think he'll see a lot of PT early on this year. Henry, for as dumb as he is, can be a massive deep play threat with Carson back there.

    The offense won't be in 2005 form next year but they don't need to be. Top 15 would be decent, top 10 would be a big deal. We'd be pretty dangerous if the offense could produce and the defense plays like I hope it will.
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    Indeed there was not alot of Playtime for Simpson last season, but Marvin has come out and said numerous times that wont be the case this year. He said it was stupid for them to not give him playtime last year. With all the offseason work both he and Caldwell have been doing, I expect a massive boost in playtime for both. Also on the wide receiver front. I think the team is so impressed with the UDFA that we might no have to have Chatman this year. Maybe someone else will wound out our 6th WR spot.

    At Running back, the way Marvin has been talking about Scott in the Rookie Camp almost signals that he is getting a roster spot. That may be a good thing because that would be a steal. Character issues aside he may very well be an effective back. Hopefully his legal troubles are a thing of the past. Benson will undoubtedly be the starter and I think he will have an effective year with an improved oline. Like you said DeDe has a huge shot in being the third back on the roster. Watson still has a shot but I am leaning on DeDe myself. I have never been a fan of Watson.

    I am hoping and praying Johnson isnt our Fullback. Vak should get the job. He is impressing the team at the rookie camp. Also note that Chris Pressley is impressing the coaches too.

    Chase Coffman shouldnt be thrown out of the TE race. I think he is a key to the Bengals offense depending on when he can be ready to play. Utecht was down last year, and I believe he will have a solid season this year. If Utecht goes down again I see Coffman being plugged in immediately if he is medically able.

    The oline can go many different ways. Smith and Collins will be the starters...just depends on where they want to stick em. Either can play right and either can play left. Guards will def be Williams and Whitworth. They are a good pair of guards to have. Center will be between Cook, Santucci and Luigs. I have alot of Faith in Luigs. Though, he doesnt have the strength one would need for the AFC North...he is working in the weight room and I hope he will develop well.


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      How the OL develops and performs sets the tone for this offense. It has gone in the dumper over the last few seasons so this is the key for us, and the Bengal's addressed this in the draft. Starting 2 rookies has its risks, they will be tested and we should expect some mistakes. Basic theory requires Palmer needing time to throw and Benson needs blocking to run.

      Next is Palmer - based on above happening, I expect a break out season for him. His arm is stronger than ever, I just get the sense that he is ready to lead this team and is generally excited about the tools he has to work with. TJ aside.

      WR will be a pleasant surprise. Coles and Chad will work out well. Chad will need to have a good season in order to improve his trade value. Either Simpson, Caldwell or Henry will step it up to be the eventual replacement for when Chad leaves and one of these guys will shine - not sure which one though? Thats not all bad because were not just counting on 1 guy to develop but have a pool of 3 to work with. Not to forget the TE's, either Utecht steps up or we move on with the rookie, agree that this is an area which needs to develop for next season to help replace the TJ 3rd down passes.

      Lastly the backfield, Benson showed me and everyone something last year and expect this to continue. Injuries are a big part of this position so our backups need to be able to contribute. Scott is important for us. I like Dorsey but he needs to stay healthy in order to be an asset. FB will be led by rookies because the Coats experiment didn't work and Johnson is a wild card.

      Sum it up, we will be better because of Palmer, how much will be dictated by injuries and our rookies performance in OL, FB and perhaps TE positions.


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        Ill get a writeup on this sometime in the next few days. Been a very busy week for me. **** EXAMS!!!

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