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    I think D said it best earlier on the 1st page...good luck.

    Is he even compentent in coverage, as was mentioned? That's actually in question. He does have a noted learning disability and his football IQ seems to be incredibly low as well. He should help in the running game but, he is one of the worst safeties in zone coverage, that I have ever seen...and he can't cover in man at all either. He would make for a better LB at this point but, you obviously dont need him there. Blaming his coverage deficiencies on the scheme is straight bologna. Wade did end up modifying his defense to put Roy in the right position but, it wasn't helping things any. He is just awful, awful, awful in coverage, it's as simple as that. Just well, good luck with that. Maybe Zimmer can help him return to form again but, he's not a miracle worker. Keith Davis was a better safety than Roy was the last few years here. Roy looks like he is just about done. I hope he does well, he's nice guy but, I dont think he's going to fair too well.
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      I don't see how he even gets much playing time TBH. Good signing for depth and can probably be somewhat of a mentor to the younger guys, but I'd really like to see the money involved with this before I make any real judgment.

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        Originally posted by Bengals78 View Post
        Roy's coverage issues came mostly due to lack of secondary help and that he didnt fit well into the new scheme. I am not saying he is a stud in coverage but he is competent. Lynch and Hebert would probably be nothing more than back-ups anyways. White will benefit from having Williams here I think (they both play for big hits).
        Systems can have a lot to do with a players success. Maybe the change back to when he did his best will help him.

        As for people acting like he is gold, you're acting like he is completely and total trash. I would agree if we ran out a base 3-4 like Dallas has in the past few years.
        Nope, he's not competent in coverage, he does suck. He used to be my favorite player but he betrayed me :( He's really lost 3 or 4 steps. He's always, ALWAYS late in coverage. And he seems like he lost his passion for the game, he seems like he's afraid to hit now. Roy Williams is done.

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          Originally posted by PalmerToCJ View Post
          I really really doubt he's being brought in to be a starter, at least I hope not. The guy used as depth and in situational roles would be perfect. We're VERY young in the secondary and adding someone with some experience is never a bad thing. Honestly, we have to have by far the youngest secondary in the league.

          Ndukwe is one of -if not the- biggest playmakers on defense. He absolutely should and will be on the field. Crocker and White can work things as well.

          It can be used as a means of adding depth, experience and a situational guy that can make an impact.

          I think this signing needs to be taken as it is, not a big time signing to bring in a starter nor is it some ancient guy with a big contract. He's worth the risk and I think that's all you can ask for. The staff clearly sees a use for him because as I mentioned, we don't need depth or quality at safety really.

          We've got a lot of depth on defense.
          This is the signing summed up perfectly. I can't see him starting seeing as what Ndukwe and Crocker/White bring. He should be used as a situational safety IMO.

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            It would be a surprise if the starting Safeties in Cincinnati were not Chinedum Ndukwe and Chris Crocker. They were arguably the Bengals two best defensive players a year ago. Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer love Crocker and it's hard not to like Ndukwe. Marvin White and Roy Williams are likely the first two off the bench and will hopefully play a good deal on special teams units. I do expect the two to rotate in a good deal as they are perhaps the Bengals two best hitters. Corey Lynch and Herbert are your next two and will likely see little time on defense and will stick on the roster due to special teams value.

            I don't mind the Roy Williams signing at all, he's a strong veteran presence among a young group of Safeties. He's enthusiastic about being in Cincinnati and re-connecting with Mike Zimmer could revive the 28 year old Williams' career. I expect a backup and Special Teams force though.

            I do like the signing as it shows people that these aren't the same Bengals. They are not willing to sit back and simply wait, they have taken action this offseason and I do believe that they think they got something in Williams. The image of the defense has certainly changed quickly from one of the league's softest units to a solid unit with some real hitters in White, Williams, and Maualuga. They are finally getting the memo that to play in the AFC North, you need to be physical and aggressive. I like it whether he works out or not. They took a chance.

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              Are there any Santana Moss like wr's in your divison ? IF there is they'll smoke Roy Williams just as bad as where he's coming from.


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                After seeing his interviews and whatnot I am pretty happy with this signing. He may not be a starting player on this team but he can offer some really good options as far as role playing and he will definitely be a great influence on our young secondary. We didn't really pay him much and I'll be real honest, I am happy he's here. I think he will be able to hit some people at the very least.

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                  Exactly. He's not a starter but he will fill several roles nicely.

                  It's nice to have depth at safety after we had to play freaking Ohalete for an entire season... That was just awful.



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