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Is Mike Brown Dead

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  • Is Mike Brown Dead

    For the 1st time in a lot of years they have done everything right in the offseason Did someone Kill Mike Brown?

    RIP themaninblack

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    He is duct taped to the goal post in PBS. Zimmer and Marvin just snapped.
    On a side note: Carson Palmer has been seen throwing endzone to endzone hitting a not moving target lol.

    The Twitters


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      I'm amazed.

      As much crap as we give Mike Brown (and he's definitely deserved it) you have got to give him credit for how great this offseason has been. All of those years I wondered what it was like to root for a football team that aggressively tried to improve in the offseason. A team that didn't just sign the Carl Powell's and washed up Sam Adams' of the world. If this is a taste of what that is like, I like it.

      Football season, get here STAT!


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        I don't think he is dead. We still continue to draft players with character risks and that has MB DNA all over it.

        Agree that he may be on a leash or something more devious. Its nice to see were making headlines on football related news.



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